H7 Vs. H8: What Are The Differences Between Them?

A quality battery always plays a vital role in starting and controlling a vehicle. When a vehicle has a bad starting issue, Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems, or backup camera issues, remember that most of the time, a bad battery is responsible for those troubles. So, you need to make a wise decision before exchanging a battery in your Porsche, dodge ram, or jeep.

H7 and H8 batteries are pretty popular among truck and car drivers. These batteries are very much alike, but some differences set them apart. Ever wondered what the differences between an H7 and H8 are?

The prime differences between an H7 and an H8 are battery size, battery group, weight, length, cranking amps, reserve capacity, amp hours, and price. An H7 has a reserve capacity of 140 minutes, whereas an H8 has 135 minutes. H8 is a group 49 battery, but an H7 is similar to a 49R group.

These dissimilarities aid in finding out a better battery between H7 and H8. Knowing the differences also helps determine which battery you should install or replace in your car.

Everything About An H7 Battery

The H7 battery is a perfect choice for small trucks. You’ll find this battery in old chargers, challengers, and ram trucks. Grand Cherokees, jeep wranglers, and Ford-150 also use an H7 battery.

An H7 delivers just the right cold cranking amps (CCA). It can provide power at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. This battery is easily interchangeable with a 94R battery group.

Some brands manufacture wireless H7 batteries helping restart with a button. So, no need to open the car’s hood to check out the battery. H7 batteries are very light and deliver enough power since they are primarily used in light vehicles.

The USA and Europe use different standard H7 batteries. So, check the H7 specifications properly if you live in Europe or vice-versa. 

Many brands use BMS (Battery Management System), which makes H7 a maintenance-free battery and ensures longer life. 

Everything About An H8 Battery

Most performing cars and European cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, and Camaros use an H8 battery as a power supplier. Battery manufacturers have converted to lithium-ion batteries recently. It charges up fast and can provide power even quicker.

You can also track your battery with a lithium battery tracker using Bluetooth. Most H8 batteries fit perfectly in trucks and private cars. So, you don’t have to worry about your car’s shape and size while installing an H8 battery.

Depending on how you use the battery, an H8 can last up to 9 years. Using H8 batteries in rough environments and weather decreases its lifespan. H8 Battery has a CCA of 900 while balancing the voltage at 7.2 volts. 

Differences Between H7 and H8 Battery

The H7 and H8 batteries have some differences along with similarities between them. These differences help a ton to find the right choice for your car. 

Before selecting one, you must know about these batteries’ weight, length, group, price, and size.

Let’s not waste any moment and find out the differences between H7 and H8 for better vision before buying one.

Battery Size

The H7 and H8 batteries are primarily used in Porsche. However, battery size is essential before replacing it with a new one.

An H7 battery has a dimension of 278 X 175 X 190 mm (11 X 6.88 X 7.48 inches). On the other hand, the H8 has a breadth of 315 X 175X190 mm (12.40 X 6.88 X 7.48 inches).

A bigger battery like H8 is also being used in the jeep to add additional support to a larger vehicle. It protects your jeep’s voltage regulator problems, headlights problems, Uconnect problems and minimizes extra expenditure for your vehicle. 

Battery Group

Model, engine type, and car making determine the battery group. Generally, an H7 battery belongs to the 94R battery group. But an H8 comes from group 49.

Reserve Capacity

Higher reserve capacity helps faster to reach the closest garage in case of alternator failure. The standard reserve capacity of an H8 is 150 minutes. An H7 offers 140 minutes of reserve capacity.

Battery Weight

Battery weight determines the poundage of a vehicle. Powerful engines require more power to perform at the optimum level. But H7 and H8 are generally used in mid-range, private cars like Porsche.

The standard weight of H7 and H8 batteries are 19.5 lbs. (8.84 kg) and 20.5 lbs. (9.29 kg), respectively. H7 batteries are also available for 15.5 lbs. (7 kg), 18.5 lbs. (8.4 kg), and 25.5 lbs. (11.5 kg). The H8 has two variations of 19 lbs. (8.61 kg) and 25.5 lbs. (11.5 kg).

Amp Hours Variation

The amp hour changes with the weight of H7 and H8 batteries, respectively. 

Each H7 battery of 15.5 lbs., 18.5 lbs., and 25.5 lbs. has amp hours of 40 Ah, 60 Ah, and 80 Ah. H8 batteries of 19 lbs. and 25.5 lbs. have 60 Ah and 80 Ah amp hours.

Battery Length

Installing different size batteries can change the car’s inside. The H7 and H8 are almost similar in every dimension, but there’s a slight difference in their length.

An H7 is 278 mm or 11 inches long, whereas an H8 is 315 mm (12.40 inches). So, installing an H8 in H7’s place is quite troublesome.


An H8 battery is a bit more expensive than an H7 battery. You’ve to pay $829 to $1200 for one H7 battery. But an H8 costs around $949 to $1199.

Comparison Table Between H7 And H8 Battery

Comparison charts help to find the desired answer faster. Follow this table to read the whole summary if you don’t have enough time to read the elaboration.

CharacteristicsH7 BatteryH8 Battery
Dimension278 X 175 X 190 mm (11 X 6.88 X 7.48 inches)315 X 175 X 190 mm (12.40 X 6.88 X 7.48 inches)
Battery Group94RGroup 49
Reserve Capacity140 minutes150 minutes
Standard Weight19.5 lbs. (8.84 kg)20.5 kg (9.29 kg)
Amp Hours40 Ah for a 15.5 lbs. (7 kg)60 Ah for a 19 lbs. (8.61 kg)
Price$829 to $1200$829 to $1199
Starting amps1500,1800, 20001800, 2000
Power SupplyLess powerfulMore Powerful than an H7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does H8 mean in a car battery?

The H8 is a renowned vehicle battery used as a cranking and dual-purpose battery. When the car engine is off, it supplies power to the pump, winches, and multimedia devices.

Can I use an H8 battery instead of an H7?

No, you can’t use an H8 battery instead of an H7 battery. An H8 is longer than an H7 battery. H8 has an L-shape connector, and H7 uses an inline bulb.

What is group size H7?

49R is the group size of H7. It is a 12-voltage battery. H7 is an advanced generation battery designed for the best output from the vehicle. This battery doesn’t need maintenance and lasts long.

How many amp-hours is an H8 Battery?

The amp hours vary depending on the weight. Amp hours define the charge amount required to flow 1A current for an hour. Depending on the weight, an H8 battery has 60 Ah and 80 Ah amp hours. 


Both H7 and H8 are great batteries for your small truck or car. An H7 is commonly used in wranglers, jeeps, and chargers. Be aware of the car’s shape before you install either of these batteries. Battery size plays a vital role in replacing an old battery with a new one.

So, H7 vs. H8: What are the differences between them? Hopefully, you’ve found out the prime variations of these two batteries. Inspect the H7 and H8 characteristics to identify them correctly. Use H8 batteries in your private car and H7 in small trucks for maximum output.

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