How to Add Transmission Fluid Jeep Renegade [100% Working] 

With a manual pump and hose, you are allowed to add transmission fluid to the Jeep Renegade. And note that the newly added fluid works better if you drain the previous one. Or else the age-old or burnt fuel may contaminate the fresh fluid!

This concern leads to the question, “How can you drain the old fluid?” Moreover, we have seen some amateur struggles with the process due to a lack of guidance. So let us walk you through the process with key tips. 

Tools You Need to Add Transmission Fluid to Jeep Renegade

Adding transmission fluid on your own can be a bit messy, especially if you are disorganized. And to prevent that, we’d like to recommend keeping these tools ready before the task –

  • First, buy safety gloves along with goggles to protect your eyes and skin from the harmful chemicals of the fluid. 
  • Based on the Jeep Renegade manual’s recommendation, purchase the required manual or automatic transmission fluid. 
  • Collect a big basket or tub to store the old oil. 
  • A screwdriver or Allen key is helpful for attaching and detaching the plugs.
  • Get a manual or hand pump for adding the oil.
  • For better safety, use a hydraulic jack, creeper, and jack stand. 

How to Drain Old Transmission Fluid on Jeep Renegade?

Before you fill in the new transmission oil, drain the old fluid when it seems burnt. Thus, it will make sure the added fuel works without any issues. Here are the detailed steps to do so – 

  • Park your Jeep Renegade on a flat surface so that it does not move while working. 
  • Let’s switch off the engine to get it cool within a few minutes. 
  • Then, raise the vehicle with the jack. We highly recommend using the lifting points recommended in the manual to lift the Jeep up.  
  • Wear your safety gear and lay down on a mechanic’s creeper to slide under the Jeep.
  • Find the drain plug under the jeep. Feel free to take necessary assistance from the owner’s manual in order to locate it. 
  • Now, place a tub or basket underneath the drain plug.
  • With the help of an Allen key or screwdriver, loosen the plug or bolt right away. You may need to rotate the tool anti-clockwise to detach the bolt.
  • If you cannot loosen the bolt, rotate the tool clockwise. 
  • Once you remove the bolt, let the fluid drain on the tub. It may take a few minutes to an hour to empty the transmission pan. 

Note that the drained fluid can be hot. So, ensure to maintain a distance while the old fluid drains.

How To Add Transmission Fluid Jeep Renegade?

As you will be working underneath the Jeep, using a pump and hose is the best option to add new transmission fluid. Based on our study, it can help to transfer the oil in narrow spaces. So, follow the process given below: 

  • First off, check whether the hand pump is working properly or not. 
  • Then, fill the new fluid in a tub.
  • Place one end of the pump hose into the tub. 
  • Now, insert another end of the hose in the fill hole under the Jeep. The hole should be near the drain plug. 
  • Press the pump gently to start the flow of the liquid. 
  • Keep pressing the pump until you have filled in the fluid amount recommended by the manufacturers. 

Checking the Fluid Level and Temperature

As the Jeep Renegade has no dipstick or measurement tool, it can get overwhelming to check the fluid level, especially for newbies. 

But if you take our advice, make one such tool at home and check the fluid level. To inspect the fuel quantity with your DIY tool, all you have to do is –

  • Take a thin rod or stick that is around 10 inches long. It should be thin enough so that it can easily reach the bottom of the fill hole. 
  • Clean and dry the DIY dipstick. 
  • Insert one end of the tool into the fill hole. 
  • Once you take it out, about half to one inch of the bottom of the tool should be coated in the fuel. It means that the fluid level is okay. 

Now, it is time to check the temperature of the added fluid to make sure the oil is in good condition to power the vehicle. For the temperature reading, follow the process: 

  • Go inside the vehicle and check the temperature gauge on the display. 
  • The optimal temperature for Jeep transmission fluid is under 200 degrees F. But for confirmation, you better check the Jeep Renegade manual. 
  • Also, you can place an infrared thermometer beside the transmission pan to check the reading. 
  • Once the temperature reading aligns with the manufacturers’ recommended heat, you are done with the fluid changing!

How Often to Add Transmission Fluid to Jeep Renegade?

To power up the Jeep Renegade, you need to lubricate its transmission regularly. And this maintenance schedule differs based on your model-making and specifications. 

So, we see no alternative rather than sticking to your manual’s recommendation for the oil change. 

Having said that, you should change the fluid before the recommended schedule, especially if there are leaks or overheating issues with the transmission. 

Also, if the fluid burns for any reason, change it immediately. And we think it is better to add fuel after every 30000 miles to prevent such scenarios.


Still confused regarding changing the transmission fluid at home? Well, go through the given queries below, as they might help you decide whether you want to give it a shot or not –

Is it safe to check transmission fluid level without a dipstick?

As long as the DIY dipstick tool or stick is not dirty or wet, it is safe to use it. However, if it is greasy or has rust, it can contaminate the fluid. So, always disinfect and clean the tool before using it to prevent such a scenario. 

Which transmission fluid is good for Jeep Renegade?

It depends on the condition of your Jeep and type of the transmission it has. If your vehicle and the manual pan keep overheating, get a fluid that can resist the heat. And for automatic transmission, the synthetic Amsoil ATF works best. 

What is the average cost to change the transmission fluid in Jeep Renegade?

Transmission fluid change pricing differs from region to region. Because the labor cost varies based on your location and the servicing type you pick. However, it should cost you around $165 to $188 +, including the labor cost. 


You are not the only one wondering about adding transmission fluid jeep renegade. It is a most searched query because the placement of the plugs and holes are quite different in this vehicle. Therefore, owners often struggle with locating them while changing the fluid. 

In order to make the task easier, we’d highly suggest following the owner’s manual. Because it breaks down the placement of these plugs and recommends the best oil. 

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