How To Change a Jeep Wrangler Headlight Bulb?(6 Easy Steps)

Sometimes, your jeep wrangler headlight seems noisy with many things, and that’s why you need to change the whole headlight or just the bulb. Maybe you bought another pair of bulbs. But you don’t know how to change a jeep wrangler headlight bulb.

So now you are spending your time looking for some experts though you can change both lights yourself. Okay, it is quite easy.

Just keep your mind in the text below and follow the basics.

Tools You Need

It would help if you had some of the components below, nothing else.

  • Extra or new headlight bulb
  • Screwdrivers
  • T15 Torx driver

6 Steps To Change a Jeep Wrangler Headlight Bulb

Some jeep owners search for here and there and start to screw in the wrong place of the body. And that causes illness to the jeep body. So don’t go on the wrong way and don’t be quick.

You can also remove the led headlight in jeep JK, and JL with the same process. All the steps are given below to change the bulb and adjust the headlights.

1. Open The Hood

You can not change the bulbs without opening the hood securely. So, open each of the hood latches. To open it, just pull it. Then, on the middle side of the hood, you will find a lever. Then turn it from the left side to the right side.

Open The Hood

Now, the total hood will be open easily and then fix the rod to the right position to keep the balance of the hood.

2. Open Front Grill

The front grille is the front side of the jeep which is situated between two headlights. Now you must remove it to keep everything safer. You will see six plastic clips over the front grill. Locate each of them and take the screw in your hand.

Open Front Grill

Now, pull the plastic clips with a screwdriver, and then you will see it is coming out. Now open all of them, and the upper side of the grill will be loose. If the upper side is open, pull the lower side cautiously; it will also come out.

3. Open Headlight:

Take the t15 Torx driver in your hand and locate four bolts where you have to apply t15 Torx. Now loose all the bolts and take them out from the headlight and keep them in a nearby place. Look, the whole headlight is in your hand.

Have you found a silver ring over the headlights? Hmm, now keep it in a secure place where there are no chances to break it.

4. Unplug The Red Clip Connector:

What do you see When the whole headlight is in your hand? There is a red clip or a connector behind the headlight. Now unplug it by pulling. The separated headlight is ready to be changed.

5. Change The Bulb:

Now turn the bulb anti-clockwise, and the older bulb will come out. Bring the new one and set it where the older one was placed. How simple it was! But here you have to remember something when you will set it as it was before!

There is a markable symbol in the headlight that will be set at the bottom of the light. And there is also a blue dot behind the headlights, which will be held on the upside of the light.

Please remember what I said just now when you are mounting headlight bulbs. Otherwise, it will not stay straight.

6. Reassemble All The Parts:

Maybe you have changed the bulbs. Now you have to go back to the older process. Turn a new bulb clockwise and plug it with the red clip connector.

Set everything in the headlight position, including the silver ring. Tight every nut and bolt with Torx. Finally, unite the whole front grill, how you opened it, and Close the hood.


  • Though the headlight bulb installation process is quite easy, sometimes you need to read the instruction module when you have a different type led of headlight for Wrangler JK, JKU, or JL. If you are in that situation, please follow their instruction or call an expert.
  • Don’t try to use an unknown screw or drill if you don’t know it’s using the process. Cause most of the time, a newbie rubs the vehicle body with these tools.
  • Don’t forget to check bulb quality when you buy wrangler-led headlight bulbs. Opening bulbs multiple times is really annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put LED bulbs in a Jeep Wrangler?

Since 2017, Jeep wrangler provides led headlights from the factory for better visibility in the dark. So, you can always use LED bulbs on the headlights or DRL in your jeep wrangler. but, if your wrangler is older than the 2010 model, sometimes you may fail to use aftermarket accessories like LED bulbs.

What’s better LED or HID?

Gas is one of the main components of HID headlights that are three times brighter than usual halogen lights. on the other hand, basic electricity and metal combination are key components to run LED headlights. As LED lights last more than 45000 hours which is longer than HID lights, you should always go for LED.


Now you have no fear about how to change a jeep wrangler headlight bulb, whichever wrangler you have. when you are the owner of a jeep wrangler X or sport, the bulb-changing formula will be closer. if your daytime running lights are not working, you can swap them in an almost similar way.

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