How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Windshield Wipers Won’t Turn Off Problem?

You frequently depend on your windscreen wipers to maintain your windshield clean of grime, grit, and debris, as well as rain, ice, and sleet. If the Jeep Wrangler windshield wipers will not turn off or aren’t functioning correctly, it might rapidly become dangerous. This might also affect your driving condition too.

In certain cases, replacing the windscreen wiper switch could quickly solve this issue. But this isn’t the only workable answer to the problem. To fix this problem, a number of damaged components might need to be repaired or replaced.

Although repairing the windscreen wiper system may appear difficult, it is simple to do if you employ a specific approach. Consequently, to learn more, keep reading this article.

8 Solutions For Jeep Wrangler Windshield Wipers Won’t Turn Off Problems

Unfortunately, a wiper system can malfunction after a long period of extended use. However, if You have enough idea of how it works and which components could be the main culprit for this type of issue, you can easily solve them. 

In order to assist you, we will describe the origins of these problems and their simple solutions in this section.

#1- Check And Fix The Faulty Wiring Connections.

This is the problem that Jeep Wrangler owners encounter the most frequently. After continuous use, certain essential wirings may get damaged. When this happens, Jeeps’ electrical wiper systems are unable to receive the turn-off command.

If you notice that the wiper system is not going off, check the wiring first. Also, make an attempt to replace any damaged wiring you detect. You can conceal them with tapes or other materials. But if the cable was severely damaged, this method might not be effective. You should replace the broken cable entirely in this case.

You may easily fix this by yourselves and without wasting any money if you currently have tapes in your home. However, replacing the cables might cost you between $5 and $10. Additionally, if you wish to purchase any power equipment, you would need to pay up an extra $30 to $50 USD.

#2- Replace Faulty Control Switch.

A damaged control unit or a malfunctioning switch could be the source of another reasonably typical issue with the windscreen wiper. This switch, which contains many intricate internal components, helps control the wipers to turn on and off. In addition, they initiate motion, halt it, and control speed.

The wipers would not receive the indication that you are attempting to turn it off more if the trigger was itself to crack inside of the handle.

You cannot fix it on your own in this circumstance. It has to be fixed by a qualified mechanic. Depending on the manufacturer, guarantee, and material, an alternative windscreen wiper switch might cost you from around $50 to $100.

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#3- Inspect And Replace The Faulty Park Switch.

A little component of the wiper motor called a park switch helps to operate the wipers to keep working. Its responsibility is to ensure the blades end up at the bottom of the windscreen. Once the wipers reach the bottom, a switch will turn off the electricity.

Whenever the park switch malfunctions, it may not be possible for the wiping motor to receive a signal that the blades need to be switched off. As a result, your wiper motor cannot be turned off. The wipers will keep running even if you stop and switch off your car since they are powered by your battery.

Changing it is the main solution to solve this issue. In many systems, wiper motors already have park switches built-in; in that case, the entire motor has to be changed. 

Replacement windshield wiper faulty park switch for Jeep Wranglers usually costs between $150 and $250. The cost of labor is anticipated to be around $50 to $80, whereas the cost of the parts is $150

#4- Check And Replace The Damaged Relay.

A relay is an electrical switching mechanism that is included in every windscreen wiper unit. A faulty relay could be the root of yet another typical issue the windscreen wiper system encounters.

A relay is really simply a small box that is connected in with all the other power relays underneath the hood of the vehicle. This is designed to control various input terminals. These terminals have the ability to regulate one or more signals as well as a group of working contact terminals.

The electronic relays are in charge of ensuring the proper operation of numerous electronic systems. In the event that this relay isn’t functioning properly, a car’s wipers may not turn off properly. The simplest solution is to replace the wiper relay, which could resolve your issue.

The key indicators of a bad starter relay are as follows:

  • The Jeep won’t turn on.
  • Clicking noises
  • The starting motor and wiper never shut off.

It typically costs around $50 to $70 to change the starter relay on a Jeep Wrangler. While materials cost $25, labor expenses are predicted to range around $30 to $40.

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#5- Look For Any Short Circuits And Replace The Damaged Components.

Wipers are powered by a network of cables and electrical components. The motor would continue to receive power and run without interruption in the event of any short circuits in those components.

The wiper’s electrical system might encounter short circuits if rainwater or melting snow manages to get in. Because water is an excellent conductor, current will be forced to travel to the engine through an unanticipated route. In rare instances, the issue could be so serious that the wipers might start operating completely by themselves.

To solve this issue, you must replace or repair those components. Finding a short circuit is quite impossible for you. That’s why you should repair this with an expert mechanic, which may cost you almost $200 to $300. If any components need to be replaced, you have to pay additional costs for them.

#6- Change The Malfunctioning Wiper Motor.

The windscreen motor drives the wipers, leading them to travel back and forth over the windshield. The motor controls the wipers at various speeds and durations when the windscreen switch is turned on.

The internal circuitry of this motor can fail sometimes. In this case, the motor is unable to comprehend the signal if you try to switch off the wiper. As a consequence, the wiper won’t turn off.

If you notice the wiper motor is the main culprit for this issue, replacing it is the only valuable solution. Sometimes, resetting this motor may solve this issue, but most of the time, it doesn’t work properly.

Replacing a wiper motor is difficult, and you have to take an expert mechanic’s help. This may cost you around $200 to $300, including the  labor cost. 

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#7- Replace The Faulty Sensor.

Every vehicle must have a sensor in order for its many functions to run well. When one of these sensors became damaged or faced a problem, the related parts weren’t working properly.

The sensor that primarily controls the Jeep Wrangler wiper system enables the wiper to be operated at various speeds in addition to turning it on and off. However, if the sensor is damaged, the wiper system may occasionally malfunction or fail to shut off.

A sensor may not function properly for a number of reasons, such as faulty connections, short circuits, water damage, etc. You must locate the defective sensor in this case and replace it with a new one.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the sensor working process, we suggest you should replace it with an expert mechanic because they are experienced in this. You might have to spend almost $100 to $150 to replace this sensor. 

#8- Replace Blown Fuse

Another significant yet minor component of a Jeep Wrangler is a fuse. Those fuses can occasionally burst for a variety of causes, including over-voltage, water leaks, etc. The wiper can’t stop when any of these fuses are defective or blows out.

The quickest cure for the issue is to replace the faulty fuse within the Jeep. The replacement unit must match the old fuse in order for the system to work properly. However, sometimes one or more fuses could be the cause of the problem. As a result, carefully inspect each fuse.

If you adhere to these instructions, replacing a broken fuse is really simple.

  • Step 1: First, find the blown fuse and remove it using your hands or any available tools.
  • Step 2: Place the brand-new fuse and carefully push it in place.

The majority of fuses typically cost around $15 to $25, but if you want an expert to change it for you, you’ll also need to pay for labor. The price of labor might range from $50 to $80 per hour, based on the store you visit.

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After reading this article, you might still have some questions. We tried our best to address the queries that were raised the most in this part. For the clarification, you require, read this FAQs.

Is it difficult to fix the malfunctioning wiper system on a Jeep Wrangler?

No. You can simply solve these issues if you understand how to handle them effectively. But occasionally, an issue will be beyond your control, and in this case, you must seek expert assistance.

Is it safe to operate a Jeep Wrangler with a faulty wiper?

Yes. It is secure as long as the skies are clear and there isn’t any rain, snowfall, or ice. Driving in bad weather is highly unsafe and could even be hazardous in intense rainfall if the windscreen wiper is not operating correctly.

What are the most frequent problems with the windscreen wiper system?

Failures of the wiper motor, control switch, or pulse board are the three most typical reasons why wipers stop operating. Also, failing relays, blown fuses, loose connectors, and damaged wires may result in the windscreen wipers not functioning.

What is the expected lifespan of wipers?

The typical lifespan of windscreen wiper blades is seven months to a year. The number of times a blade is cleaned, the environment it is exposed to, and how much sunshine it receives are all variables that might affect how long it lasts.


Regardless of how accessible and simple windscreen wipers are to use, we must remember their importance for ensuring safe driving, especially in inclement weather. Driving without dependable windshield wipers is quite risky. It may result in reduced visibility during poor weather. 

When a car’s wipers malfunction, visibility will be severely reduced, and the risk of an incident increases significantly.

In these circumstances, if you encounter any problems with your windscreen wipers, even if it appears to be minor, including your wipers not shutting off correctly whenever you want them to, you should have them examined by a technician as quickly as possible.

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