How to Jack Up a Jeep Wrangler [Step-by-Step Guide 2023]

To jack up your Jeep Wrangler, you just need to find a suitable flat space, turn on the parking brakes, place the jack kit in the jacking point, and start pumping.

Knowing how to jack up is a must-skill because people mainly buy Jeep Wrangler–the uncrowned king of off-road to go on journeys. However, those adventure terrain has their own hazards like bumpy roads, stony paths, slippery mud, etc. 

So you can easily have a flat tire, damaged rim, or broken axle. Follow this guide to get a detailed walkthrough with pictures.

Precautions Before Jacking Up a Jeep Wrangler

Before you start Jacking Up your Wrangler, you must take some safety measures to protect yourself from harm’s way. Because when you lift up a 3,948 pound (1.79 ton) beast like Wrangler, any tiny error can do great harm. 

For example, the vehicle can easily roll over on you or anyone near the car if you don’t put the Jacking tools correctly. 

Here are some safety measures to take before jacking up your Wrangler:

Flat Surface

You must park your Jeep on a flat surface away from traffic. Avoid any space with slippery terrain or snow because slippery terrain can change your center of mass, which will make your car unstable.

Turn Off the Engine

Always turn your engine off before lifting any vehicles. Because most liquids in your vehicle are highly flammable, a running engine can initiate fire when it contacts those liquids.

Parking brakes & hazard lights

You must turn on the parking brakes before trying to lift your Wrangler. Because without the brakes, the car will be unstable and hit anyone in the range without warning. Also, the hazard lights will show other on-road vehicles that you are working on.

Place Chocks

You should place chocks, or wooden blocks crisscrossed. like if you want to do something in the front left axle, put the blocks in the rear right.

Wear protection

You should wear protective gear before jacking up your Jeep because any dirt or metal from your tire can go into your eyes and damage them. So at least wear protective glasses and gloves.

Read the owner’s manual

You should go through the owner’s manual to find out the factory jacking point in the axle tubes, or you will damage the axle.

Check Equipment conditions

Check the jack, and jack stands before using them because faulty equipment won’t do the work properly.

Check the Weight limit of the jack

You must check the weight limit of your jacks. If it can’t handle the Wrangler’s load, change the jack.

Tools Requirement for Lifting Wrangler

You need some tools to lift your Jeep Wrangler. They are:

  • Jack kit–you usually get it with the car.
  • Lug wrench– comes with the car.
  • Owner’s Manual.
  • Jack Stand.
  • Chocks or Wooden blocks.
  • Safety glass and gloves.

How Do You Jack Up Your Jeep Wrangler

After you gather the necessary equipment and take proper precautions, it’s time to lift your car with perfection. 

However, keep one thing in mind, a minimum lift of the Wrangler will give you more stability. With that in mind, follow these instructions carefully to jack up your Jeep Wrangler:

Step 1: Assemble the Jack Tools

After you park the car in a flat space and take all the safety measures, you first need to assemble the Jack tools. To do it:

  • Go to the rear cargo area and lift the load floor.

  • Pinch the left side of the hardware storage cover, then pull it up.

  • Remove the toolkit from the box.

  • Connect the jack handle driver to the extension and then to the lug wrench.

And your Jack setup is done. Now follow the next step.

Step 2: Set up the jack

After assembling the jack tool, you need to place it in the axle. Every Jeep Wrangler has some built-in location to place the jack tool. Find that, then set up the tool as the image shows.

Caution: Do not raise the car until you’re sure the jack is perfectly placed and fully engaged.

After that, go to the following section to lift your Jeep Wrangler.

Step 3: Lifting up

After setting up the jack, it’s time to start the lifting process. To elevate the car, connect the hooked side of the jack handle driver with the jack tool and turn the Jack screw clockwise.

Just lift up the car until the tire just clears the ground because high lift makes the car more unstable.

And voilà! You’ve successfully jacked up your Jeep Wrangler without any issues. If you have any issues or find any steps difficult, contact us through the comment section.


For a person who needs to lift up a heavy vehicle like a Wrangler, you should know some common questions people ask regarding this issue. It will give some insights and unique knowledge about the whole process.

Can You Jack Up A Car By The Axle?

Yes, you can safely jack up your car by the axle because the axle is one of the toughest parts in your car. Also, some companies, like Jeep, have a built-in jack-up location on both the front and back axle.

Are High-Lift Jacks Safe?

high-lift jacks are mostly safe for lifting up your car. But they also can be dangerous if you do not put them on a stable flat surface or connect them properly with your car.

Can You Lift Your Own Jeep?

Yes, you can easily lift your own Jeep up to 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) using a short arm lift kit.

Are Lifting Jeep Wranglers Safe?

Yes, lifting a Jeep Wrangler is safe as long as you park it in a flat space. Otherwise, your car’s center of mass won’t be stable.


And there you go. After reading my article, I’m sure you now know the method to jack up your car. 

However, you must remember to park the car in a flat, non-slippery space away from the traffic, turn off your car engine and toggle on the parking brakes before starting to Jack up and wear protection for your own safety.

Because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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