How to Troubleshoot and Fix P0507 Jeep Commander DTC Code?

If you own a Jeep Commander, Diagnostic trouble code P0507 may not come as a complete surprise to you. It is a typical code that is commonly seen in the Jeep Commander. 

That of course does not automatically mean the code is present due to a common reason that is easy to fix.

In fact, there can be several reasons why the code is present. Some of them are difficult to find out. No need to be worried. We will explore every possible reason and discuss the best possible way to fix them to eliminate P0507. Keep reading!

What Does the P0507 Jeep Commander Code Mean?

Let’s start with the definition: the code P0507 on the Jeep Commander indicates problems within the idle control system. 

Here the idle control system refers to a system that consists of several components of the jeep and is responsible for maintaining a stable and consistent idle speed.

These components include IAC or idle air control valve, sensor, throttle sensor, ECM, and vacuum line. 

IAC controls the amount of air that bypasses the throttle body, which in turn allows the engine to maintain a stable idle speed.

ECM on the other hand receives information from the throttle sensor and monitors and adjusts the IAC valve to maintain the ideal speed. 

If any of these components malfunctions, there are two scenarios that are likely to happen: either the idle speed gets lower or it becomes higher. 

When ECM identified the speed range (RPM) is more than the manufactured specified range, it set a diagnostic trouble code P0507.

P0507 can be broken down into pieces. Each digit bears certain meanings and characteristics. 

  • P refers to the powertrain of the vehicle that propels the jeep to move forward 
  • 0 indicates that the code is derived from the SAE standard
  • 5 means the Idle control system is not ok
  • 07 refers to a specific issue. In our case, the Idle speed is more than the recommended limit.

That is pretty much everything about what the code P0507 means on the Jeep Commander. 

When the code is stored, you need to act soon because when the idle speed is high, it increases emissions, reduced fuel economy, and poor performance.

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P0507 Code: What Causes High RPM on the Jeep Commander When Idle?

Usually, the faulty idle control valve is considered the typical reason, but a leak in the vacuum line might also play the main role. 

While these components need to be investigated first, you may also consider the following reasons for which the code is stored.

Main Reasons:

  • Vacuum Leak 
  • Carbon Build up on the throttle body
  • Faulty or clogged IAC valve 

Minor reasons:

  • Faulty Throttle position sensor 
  • Faulty power steering pressure switch
  • Failed alternator 
  • Faulty ECM 

How to Troubleshoot and Fix the P0507 Jeep Commander Code?

To get rid of the code, you need to find out the root cause for which the code is stored. Once you know the reason, take the best course of action to fix it.

If you do not have the previous experience, confidence, and required tools, let the job be handled by a professional mechanic. Here is what a certified mechanic does or you need to do the following to get rid of the code.

1. Retrieve and Interpret the Code

Let’s start with something very basic. You need a diagnostic scanner to retrieve the code and interpret it. Once you do this, you get to know the system or component that is causing the issue.

Once you know which component or system has failed, look for obvious signs of damage, wear, or malfunction.

In our case, you need to check for any leaking present in the vacuum line or whether the IAC valve of the Jeep Commander is clogged.

2. Perform Diagnostic Tests

In this stage, after the preliminary check, you need to perform diagnostic tests, such as checking for voltage, resistance, or pressure, to find out the faulty component.

Check out the several sensors including the throttle sensor or power steering pressure switch and alternator for any issue.

Often the sensor rather than the major components cause the code P0507 in the Jeep Commander. For example, if the airflow sensor is not ok, it may send the wrong message to the ECM, thus ECM will store the code. 

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to check crucial sensors and switches related to the idle system of the Jeep Commander. 

3. Replace or Repair the Faulty Component

As we have mentioned earlier that there are several components that might fail and the code is stored. 

After performing the diagnostic you must be able to find out the faulty component that causes the code to appear. Here are some of the common failure points that you must inspect carefully.

  • Vacuum leak: 

Look for any vacuum leak in the Jeep Commander. Leaks allow more air to enter the system, which can increase the idle speed.

  • Faulty idle control valve: 

If there is no leak in the vacuum line, the next important component to check is the idle control valve. It controls the amount of air that enters the engine. 

If the control valve is damaged or has failed, it may not be able to regulate the amount of air that enters the engine when the throttle body is closed. More air enters the engine and thus increases the idle speed.

  • Clogged throttle body

The throttle body is the next part to be inspected because it could break or become dirty. Again, a faulty throttle may fail to control the airflow thus increasing RPM at the idle of your Jeep Commander.

If there is no issue with any of these components you might have to check the throttle position sensor or faulty power steering pressure switch. After identifying the error, fix the issue and clear the DTC. Hopefully, P0507 will no longer reappear.

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By now, many of your doubts regarding the P0507 code probably have disappeared. Here in this section, you will find some frequently asked questions that are related to the code P0507 in Jeep Commander. Hopefully, they will provide you with the more necessary information about this code.

Can you drive a Jeep Commander with the P0507 code?

The code P0507 indicates increased idle speed. If you do not fix the issue and run the jeep, you might face trouble accelerating the car along with multiple other bad things. Thus it is best to get it fixed, get rid of the code, and then drive the car.

How much does it cost to fix the P0507 code?

This entirely depends on the severity of the issue and the cost of labor. A professional mechanic charges up to $150 for the diagnosis. On the other hand, the cost of parts depends on which part has failed.


There you have it. Hopefully, you get the point. P0507 is a common DTC code for Jeep commander owners. 

If you have confidence and the necessary tools, you can obviously try eliminating the code on your own and save money that would otherwise go into a mechanic’s pocket. Do not drive for too long without fixing the issue.

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