Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode: For Tasty Riding

You may have heard about the different driving modes or the selec-terrain in the auto driving industry. You may also know that changing jeep modes can provide different riding tastes on the road.

But you are looking for a particular answer what does sport mode do in my Jeep Grand Cherokee? Just stay a few minutes with me, and I will clear your mind about Jeep grand Cherokee sport mode.

What Is Jeep Sport Mode On A Grand Cherokee?

Jeep sport mode is a traction management system that provides less traction on the track, improves acceleration, and gives a balanced over and understeer to the driver. Air suspension does not change drastically but gives more focus on the rear speed; that is why you will have 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 5.2 seconds.

What Is Jeep Sport Mode On A Grand Cherokee

Sometimes, there is an option of track mode in the Jeep Grand Cherokee of the SRT series. There is actually not much difference between sport and track modes without initial speed.

I think this mode is much more suitable for open and plain highways to have more fun than rough terrain. So, overall, the jeep grand Cherokee gives you a fast riding experience with much control from the driver’s seat.

How To Turn Off Sport Mode In Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Changing Cherokee’s mode is much easier than generating a jeep name or using a floor jack. There are small buttons beside the gearbox or under the touch screen for jeep mode changing or turning off.

Just push your desired button and keep your eyes on the monitor. You may also have a big button like a volume key on the dashboard in some of the older grand Cherokee.

You can also shift mode or turn off sport mode by turning this key. So, if your vehicle doesn’t have simple buttons, look for one big key to turn off sport mode and monitor everything on the dashboard screen.

When Should I Put My Jeep In Sports Mode?

Sport mode is one of the most driver-friendly riding modes in Jeep Grand Cherokee. You will ride like a free bird as air suspension and steering handle capacity are much more flexible from the diver seat.

You can drive anywhere you can want though this mode is more compatible with the open highway. If you are on your office road or in a racing mood, you can definitely try this one.

Vehicle initial speed makes rider charm with affordable torque and cornering facilities when it is in sport mode.

For your vehicle and your safety, I will not suggest you play in sports mode when you are in challenging terrain. However, you can also try it off-road if you keep the speed within a limit.

Is Sport Mode Good For Snow?

Sport mode ensures much power on the rear and less traction on-road though steer handing capacity is much easier than other systems. As a result, you can try this 4WD on most surfaces with an exciting riding experience.

Is Sport Mode Good For Snow

But, this system is not preferable for riding on snow surfaces due to traction. A slippery surface with less traction on the wheel is really unbelievable for a driver. When you drive in snow with this mode, your Jeep will not move forward easily due to less traction.

And when it is moving at its genuine speed, the driver will not get adequate braking and cornering facilities. Why will you drive your Jeep in sport mode when there Is an option of snow mode in your vehicle?

Does Sport Mode Use More Gas?

Some of the owners said that sport mode had consumed more gas than others though I did not try it personally. As sport mode emphasizes speed and less traction, it needs slightly more fuel than others.

Though only the selec-terrain can not be the only reason for poor or better gas mileage in Jeep, there are some others that you may have ignored. So, you should also focus On other conditions to have better gas mileage in Jeep than only not focusing on mode.

Can You Switch To Sport Mode While Driving The Grand Cherokee?

Yes, you can definitely switch to sport mode from any jeep mode by clicking on the button. If your root and terrain are looking for mode switching, you can do it without a second time thinking.

But, mode switching in a running jeep is too risky as the vehicle changes its suspension and others riding equipment. So you should change jeep mode when the vehicle is fully stopped and the dashboard’s light allows you to go on.

What Is Jeep Grand Cherokee Selec-terrain?

Selec-terrain is like foreplay before going on a long ride in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a riding management system in which you can change Jeep’s traction, suspension, and steer handling capacity to have adjustable riding in different terrain.

You can equally ride on highway, snow, muddy, or sandy area by shifting your grand Cherokee’s mode. And this exciting feature is available in all modern grand Cherokee.


Jeep Grand Cherokee sport mode is an exciting Selec-terrain system to have fast riding in plain terrain. It provides neither oversteer nor understeer with less traction when you are in the driving seat.

It gives more power to the rear wheel; as a result, you can have much speed within a few seconds. Always remember that this mode is not much suitable for snow and muddy area.

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