Thuren vs Carli: Which One Should Get Your Priority?

Offroad vehicles like jeeps, trucks, or pickup trucks need a lot of adjustments like suspension settings, track bar adjustment, or wheel settings to perform well in different terrain.

So, an owner needs to buy some quality aftermarket accessories to have a safe and satisfying journey with their family.

Thuren and Carli are manufacturers who produce different kits related to vehicle suspension and wheels. Though they are doing a smart job in the truck industry, especially for dodge ram, their business is growing day by day for quality products and trustworthiness. 

As Their products have much demand in the truck or ram industry, sometimes buyers get confused to choose the right one among them. Today’s article is all about these two companies’ products, and here you will understand some underserved topics between Thuren vs. Carli.

An Overview

Thuren and Carli are obliged to make different kits related to suspension for mostly dodge ram though there are some unique differences between the two companies. 

Company history, suspension, different products, prices, and customer support are the main topics to differentiate the two companies. In this article, all are told to make an easier choice, especially if you are a dodge ram user.

Thuren vs Carli

History Of The Company

Sage Carli has made Carli suspension company from his long-time experience in the US fleet market. He was in the US army from 1994 to1997 as a diesel technician and gathered a lot of essential information and expertise about the offroad vehicle. 

Off-road vehicles were less common before 2000, and riders were facing different problems to run their vehicle in tough areas. Carli wanted to fill the gap, and he created Carli company in 2003, focusing on suspension.

On the other hand, though Thuren produces various products like lowering kits, track bars, or coils, they don’t have much popularity or company authority like Carli. Carli is also well known for rack track in the United States, whereas Thuren doesn’t have that glorified history.


Carlie suspension products are made for aggressive off-roading capabilities with minimum weight and quality materials. In a suspension package, you will find some other supporting kits like stabilizers, ball joints, and track bars, and that helps an owner to install easily. 

So, the total Carli package reduces unwanted vibration, maximizes traction with tires, and over all a fantasy riding for the dodge owner.

But in Thuren, sometimes you might not get all supporting products in the same package though it is also made from high-class materials with pure engineering for better fitment. It really doesn’t matter when your vehicle has 35 or 37-sized tires, leaf springs or coil spring, ram v10 engine, or v8, and you are able to use both suspensions.

Other Products Of Them (track bar and sway bar)

There have made a lot of products related to suspension differently, and you will find a $5 bolt to $500 kit package in their store.

On the other hand, Carli has given priority to making some major suspension parts so that it can assure their product quality from the beginning, and they also don’t want to lose their reputation by creating various products.

But, both company is doing a fantastic job in making track bar, sway bar, leaf spring, and coil spring. So, if you want to compare Thuren vs. Carlie sway bar or track bar, there is nothing big distinguish between their quality, and you can choose any of them without hesitation for your dodge ram.

Price and consumer’s opinion

Thuren primarily sells their products in their own shop, so their products are less available in online stores like amazon. On the other hand, Carli’s most sales come from an online retailer like amazon, with a comprehensive customer support policy. 

Both of company offers a return or refund policy to their customer though you need to make a direct or official contract with their online platform.

Usually, Thuren makes products differently and offers their items in a minimum price range though sometimes it makes custom package offer for their customers. Carli’s product prices are much high compared to Thuren, though truckers are most satisfied with Carli’s products.

Main differencesThurenCarli
HistoryThuren’s history is not like CarliCarli has a prestigious past
SuspensionBetter quality but less pricedMore aggressive and high priced
Others creaturesProduces more productsProduces much less then Thuren
priceThuren’s products are much cheap.Carli sells products in a package with a more significant price range.
Customers opinionLess popular in the suspension industry compared to CarliCarli is much trustworthy to their consumers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns Carli suspension?

Sage Carli, a former army technician, has owned the Carli suspension company since 2003. He has a variety of knowledge about the offroad vehicle that helped him to make suitable products for better off-roading.

Moreover, the company is getting a lot of their customers for sage Carli’s engineering process and trustworthiness.

2. Is Carli’s suspension the best?

If you are comparing Carli with Thuren, I think Carli is the best suspension though the price is a bit higher.

However, when you have a dodge ram or similar offroad vehicle for an upgrade, Carli might be a pure suspension option for its lightweight but long-lasting product materials and better engineering process.


If you want to use a quality and trustworthy suspension product, Carli should be your first option though it’s priced slightly higher for their combined package than Thuren.

When you need a small suspension product like bolts, and you want to save some money, I suggest you try Thuren.

Both of them are outstanding for suspension, sway bar, track bar, leaf spring, or coil spring, and you can easily make ground clearance higher or lower like a jeep with these kits. If I have missed anything between Thuren vs. Carli in this article, let me know In the comment below.

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