Dodge Charger Touchscreen Not Responding: How To Fix It

The Dodge Charger is a popular vehicle among drivers due to its fantastic service and superb features. But the touchscreen sometimes disappoints the customers through its mediocre performance, and you might not be able to operate it at all. So, what are the reasons behind a Dodge Charger’s touch screen not responding?

Software issues, short circuits, damaged power lines, defective fuse, and broken touchscreen are responsible for delayed or no response from the Dodge Charger’s touch screen. The screen always stays off, or sometimes, the response is slow or rapidly goes on and off for these reasons.

The solutions vary depending on the issue you’re facing with the touchscreen. Of course, you can solve most of these touchscreen-related issues with proper knowledge. But it’s wise to ask for expert opinions.

Dodge Charger Touch Screen Issues

A new owner might face difficulties detecting touchscreen or Uconnect issues in dodge. Plus, new and unique problems regarding the Dodge Charger’s touch screen may arise with time.

So, take a quick look at the chronic problems you may face with your Dodge Charger’s touch screen.

Screen Always Off

The touch screen stays off for a long time due for many reasons. For example, software glitches and a damaged fuse cut off the power supply to the touch screen, causing the screen to turn off.

Delayed Response

It’s super annoying when the touchscreen delivers feedback slowly. You won’t be able to navigate the GPS, weather, and other essential tasks smoothly due to a slow response. Generally, loose power lines and expired software are responsible for a touchscreen’s delayed response.

Touchscreen On and Off Rapidly

A short circuit is an ultimate culprit behind the rapid power on and off the touchscreen. Finding it won’t be a problem if you’re a veteran driver. But it’s a complex issue for fresh drivers.

Reasons Behind The Dodge Charger’s Defective Touch Screen

Most vehicles use UConnect’s touchscreen system to complete the essential task. The Dodge Charger also falls in the touchscreens category. If you closely inspect the grounds, you’ll find various reasons behind a faulty touch screen.

Software Lagging

Software lagging is the most common reason behind a defective touch screen. Many drivers have complained the touch screen operates slowly or entirely shuts off due to poor software response. Sometimes software issues might cause Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems in your vehicle.

Short Circuit

It’s a hardware-related issue causing a problematic touchscreen. Generally, the power-providing lines wear out with time. Finally, affecting the Dodge Charger’s touch screen.

Loose Power Lines

Free power lines can’t deliver the right amount of electric power to the touch screen. It’s another reason for glitching. The connector cables often can’t hold onto the charger’s touch screen.

Physical Damage

No way you can operate a physically broken touch screen. It might get damaged if you face an accident or hit it with some heavy object.

Blown Fuse

Sometimes, a high power supply can damage the fuse, even blow it. Mostly, the touch screen pays the price for a damaged fuse. As a result, the screen may glitch, operate slowly, or exhibit delayed response.

Simple Guide To Fix The Dodge Charger’s Touch Screen

You can follow various methods to fix your Dodge Charger’s touch screen. But you must’ve basic electrical knowledge before you try to repair the touch screen. In addition, these fixes depend on the type of problem you’re facing with your charger’s touchscreen.

So, we’ve listed these solutions according to your issues with your charger’s touch screen.

Case 01: Glitch Issue

A soft reset can quickly fix a glitching screen. Check out this method to reset the Dodge Charger’s touch screen.

  1. Tap on the phone and voice activation icon. Hold it for 10 to 20 seconds.
  2. You’ll see a logo. Then it’ll turn off.
  3. The touch screen will turn on after displaying the vehicle logo.
  4. Do a quick recheck to confirm the solution. Otherwise, follow the same steps again to fix the glitching.

Case 02: Touch Screen Is Off

The Dodge Charger’s touchscreen goes offline when there’s not enough power supply to the screen. Mostly blown fuses are the real culprit behind this situation.

The only solution for blown fuses is to replace them. Ask an expert mechanic to replace the vehicle’s blown fuses.

Case 03: Frozen touchscreen

Generally, a bug causes the touch screen to freeze over time. First, unplug the touch screen from the power source. Then replug it. It’ll solve this issue.

If it fails to resolve the frozen screen problem, you’re using an older operating system version. Contact the dealer to update the operating system.

Sometimes the GPS doesn’t work smoothly. In this case, fixing the GPS fixes the issue.

Case 04: Touchscreen Switching On And Off

A sudden short circuit or loosen wirings and connections are irresponsible for rapidly switching on and off the touch screen.

Since it’s an electrical issue, ask a car electrician to solve the problem. Sometimes, supplying enough power helps to solve the problem permanently.

Case 05: Out Of Date Firmware

Out-of-date software affects the touch screen’s overall functions. So, you must update it ASAP.

You can follow YouTube to do it for free. Also, ask the local Dodge Charger dealer to install the latest firmware if you’ve any trust issues.

Case 06: Overriding Soft Reset

Follow this method only when the soft reset fails to solve the defective touchscreen issue. Here’s a simple guideline to override the soft reset.

  1. Detach the battery’s negative port. Keep it out for 5 minutes.
  2. Disconnect the battery’s positive terminal.
  3. Attach the terminal to the battery after 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Switch on the ignition if your vehicle doesn’t have ignition issues.
  5. Uconnect reset is complete.

Case 07: Physically Damaged

When the touch screen is broken, its response time will likely increase. Only replacing the damaged display will solve it for good. You can follow the Dodge Charger manual to replace the physically damaged touchscreen.

Replacement Cost Of A Faulty Touchscreen

The touchscreen problems are not like Regan’s light issue or rattling issue in jeep or dodge, and most of the time, you can fix it without even an electrician. It’s a headache for newbies to DIY the Dodge Charger’s faulty touch screen. Most of the time, they mess up instead of fixing the touch screen.

So, taking the vehicle to a popular repair shop is the best option. Unfortunately, replacing the Dodge Charger’s faulty touchscreen is pricey.

First, let’s talk about the parts, meaning a new touchscreen. A brand-new touchscreen can cost you up to $600. In addition, you must pay 10 to 20 bucks for the side tapes. Meanwhile, the mechanic will charge you around 100 to 300 dollars as a labor charge.

Don’t forget that the Dodge Charger’s model is crucial in fixing the touch screen replacement cost. Plus, you’ve to pay the taxes with the replacement cost.

Bottom Line

The touchscreen is a crucial part of the Dodge Charger. You can solve heated seat issues or backup camera problems with the Uconnect touchscreen if the system is okay. So, fixing it is necessary to avoid serious problems. Otherwise, your Dodge Charger is nothing more than an average vehicle.

We hope the discussion about why the Dodge Charger touchscreen isn’t responding has delivered the proper answer. Don’t try to fix it in excitement. It’ll worsen the situation only. Instead, go through the manual carefully to find the reason behind the defective touchscreen. Remember to clean and inspect the power lines regularly to avoid this issue.

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