How to Fix Electronic Throttle Control on Jeep Patriot?

Jeep Patriot’s throttle body doesn’t often malfunction until it builds up carbon deposits and debris. And not fixing the defective throttle can lead to higher idling. But how to fix electronic throttle control on Jeep Patriot? In a nutshell, cleaning the throttle, turning on the engine, and pausing it is enough.

The quick fixes at home might not repair the throttle damage in case it fails because of internal issues. It sometimes needs professional care. Let’s get into the details. 

What are the Symptoms of an Electronic Throttle Control Failure on a Jeep Patriot?

The electric throttle control of the Jeep Patriot fails to convert the gas pedal inputs into power when it is faulty. As a result, it affects the performance of the Jeep. And indicates the 2 possible symptoms listed below: 

The Engine Indicator Light Is On

If the throttle body or any of its sensors malfunction, the engine light indicator illuminates the dashboard. 

It warns that there is a discrepancy between the gas pedal and the throttle blade. And while driving, drivers may experience a power loss. 

However, sometimes the light blinks without any probable damage to the throttle. It happens due to glitches or dirt in the throttle body. 

Higher Idle and Speed

Due to carbon deposit, debris, and internal failure, the Jeep Patriot electronic throttle control (ETC) units can’t open and close correctly. 

Thereby, the ETC fails to perform according to the inputs. Once the engine is on, the vehicle shakes, makes louder noises, or idles higher. 

Sometimes, gunk doesn’t let the ETC butterfly linkages close. So, they stay open, and the engine speed tends to increase.

How to Fix Electronic Throttle Control on Jeep Patriot?

Sometimes, the malfunctioning electronic throttle control on the Jeep Patriot doesn’t need a replacement. Rather, some quick tweaks can fix its issues. And here are the two secret methods –

Method-1: Cleaning the Throttle Body

Dust build-up can contaminate the throttle control system of your Jeep Patriot and cause its indicator light to stay on. 

Cleaning the throttle body at regular intervals is necessary to keep it functioning. Here is how to do so:

  1. Drive the Jeep straight for a few miles. This will bring the vehicle to operating temperature. Then, park it without turning the engine off.
  2. Now, place the thumb on the butterfly linkage carefully, so its sharp edges don’t cut you. and take off the throttle butterfly.
  3. Disconnect or remove the plastic piece or resonator on the engine. The resonator should have numbers on it.
  4. Let’s access the throttle body and remove its hose.
  5. With the assistance of a clean bristle brush, remove the dust, carbon deposit, and gunk.
  6. Then, spray the throttle body cleanser on the linkages and clean it around the body.
  7. Once you remove the grease, spray the cleaner on the throttle body while the engine runs.
    Clean the throttle throat and body until the metal looks free from dust and debris. In this way, the butterfly can open and close properly.
  8. Attach the resonator and hoses back.
  9. Add fuel system cleaner into the gas tank and take a drive for a few minutes. Thus, it’ll help the system to read the functioning throttle control properly. And the throttle may not trigger engine speed and light issues anymore!

Method-2: Turn the Engine On and Off

The Jeep Patriot throttle control can malfunction due to glitches. And based on our experience, turning the engine on and off for a while can readjust the sensors to let the throttle function properly. Here is what you can do: 

  1. First, turn on the ignition and rev the RPM to 1500.
  2. After turning the engine on, wait for 45 seconds, then turn it off.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds and load the engine again. This way, it may clear the indicator light from the dashboard and get rid of the throttle idle issues. 

When Does the Jeep Patriot’s Electronic Throttle Control Need a Professional Fix?

If nothing helps to turn the throttle control indicator light off and the engine speed or idle issues prevail, the Jeep needs a throttle replacement. 

For that, contacting a certified mechanic or automotive service center is a must! They can inspect the system and decode the warning codes to fix the throttle. 

Also, modern ETC has sensitive electronic units. So, someone with little to zero technical know-how might mess up the system while cleaning it! 

In such cases, it’s better to go for professional repair and servicing because they know what to do with the ETC as per the internal issues. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Faulty Electronic Throttle Control on Jeep Patriot?

The cost to repair and replace a faulty ETC may vary according to the location and the ETC unit. 

For example, fixing a faulty ETC sensor costs approximately $150 to $200. Besides, the throttle module and body fixing will range from $438 to $650. 

Note that the labor charge will add to the service cost. In general, the per-hour labor cost is around $45 to $170. It is subject to change based on the vehicle you ride and the origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic throttle control is an essential part of enjoying a smooth drive on a Jeep Patriot. And leaving it faulty or uncleaned may lead to fatal damages. Preventing the scenario might be helpful with the following queries:

When to clean the electronic throttle control on Jeep Patriot?

Professional mechanics suggest cleaning the ETC every 20000 to 30000 miles. It may vary as per the model and manufacturing year of the Jeep. For the most accurate information, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s guide.

Can you drive with a faulty ETC?

If the faulty ETC acts up due to glitches, you’re allowed to drive with it. However, you won’t be able to rev or accelerate higher with an ETC failure. The Jeep may limit its speed.

Is it safe to drive with a faulty electronic throttle on Jeep Patriot?

Driving the Jeep with a malfunctioning ETC isn’t a good idea. Because it can affect the engine and reduces its lifespan. Also, the higher idle and increased speed caused by the faulty ETC can lead to fatal crashes.


To be honest, there is no fixed solution for fixing the electronic throttle control on Jeep Patriot. This is because it can malfunction due to internal or external issues. 

As a result, it requires applying different methods. However, we’d recommend having the throttle body cleaned every 20,000 miles to prevent its failure. 

If it’s too late to do so, head to an automotive center to inspect the car without any damage!

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