How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Key Fob Not Detected Issue? Solved

A little programmable gadget called a key fob gives users access to real things. In contrast to mechanical locks, a key fob does not require the user to insert a physical key to open the device. But, it could be a nightmare if you face Jeep wrangler key fob not detected issues.

By changing its dead battery or upgrading software, you can easily solve this issue. But, sometimes, this can’t be the only solution. There can be other problems like faulty key fob or Jeep’s door, Jeep’s internal problems, etc., which you might have to fix.

You may simply get out of this situation with the guidance of this tutorial. Without further delay, please continue reading this article.

Solutions For Jeep Wrangler Key Fob Not Detected Problems

There may be a number of causes for this key fob not detecting the problem. Sometimes you can address these issues on your own with ease. Other times, you’ll require professional assistance. However, if a critical situation arises, having a thorough grasp of its operation would be quite helpful.

Some of the most typical key fob not detected issues and their solutions are listed below.

#1- Replace the Key Fob’s Dead Battery

The most common reason behind the key fob not recognizing problems is a bad battery. Before a battery fails, it typically starts to show indications of weakness. When a remote control that had previously worked started to lose range and eventually stopped operating, it was likely the battery that had been running low or completely dead.

In this case, a fresh battery must be used in the replacement of the deceased one. It is possible to damage the car key by replacing the battery in the Wrangler key fob improperly or with an inappropriate battery. 

You must substitute a fresh battery that has the exact voltage, capacity, and specifications as the dead one. Prior to installing the battery, check that it is oriented the proper way.

To identify which battery it’s currently using, you have to open the key fob. There will probably be an inscription that starts with CR with a string of digits if the item contains a battery. 

If you can’t see any markings on the battery or have lost the battery before, you have to check out the user’s manual to identify the battery model name. 

Most batteries normally cost $10 or even less; however, some fobs need two of them. Since it just takes a few seconds, store servicemen or dealers frequently change the battery without charge.

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#2- Fix Faulty Battery Connections

Most of the jeep wrangler’s key fob has metal clips inside, which hold the battery in place tightly and ensure the proper current is supple throughout the whole system. Lack of tension in the clips might lead to contact problems and potential power failure of the remote.

Simply check to ensure that the battery is securely fastened and does not slip whenever you jiggle the key to fix this issue. Additionally, check for corrosion as well as dust on any battery connections. The surprising thing is that this fix won’t result in you spending any cash.

#3- Examine and Fix Water Damage Issues

Rubber seals on the Jeep key stop water from going inside to damage the electrical chip. A little sprinkle of liquid or even a brief period of light rain should not harm the chip. But prolonged water exposures, such as drowning the key in liquids for an extended period of time, might allow the liquid to seep through the covers and lead to chip damage.

If you missed removing the Wrangler key fob from your shorts pocket and taking a bath or washed it with soapy water, there is a good chance that water damage caused a short circuit.

Whereas if the key fob stops functioning after being exposed to liquid or rain, remove the battery right away, clean the electrical component using paper towels, and then replace the battery when it has completely dried. Additionally, you can place it inside a rice bag to soak the liquid.

However, if the chip has been exposed to seawater, soapy water, or unclean water, it is advised to cleanse the chip using denatured alcohol or electronic cleaning. The microchip is likely damaged, and you’ll have to purchase a new key if the car key is still unable to function after cleansing and drying. You could have to pay $100 to $200 for this.

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#4- Inspect The Jeep Wrangler Battery

For the Jeep Wrangler to function normally, it needs a strong 12-volt battery. In addition to providing the significant electrical current needed to start the engine, it also supports the powering of the accessories, onboard electronics, and sensors.

Below are some indications which might help you to determine that that jeep’s battery is dead or needs to be charged.

  • Clicking noise without a start.
  • The motor cranks slowly.
  • Unable to detect the key fob.
  • Lights on the dashboard were constantly flickering.

It’s necessary to change the old battery out if the one in your Jeep Wrangler has gotten excessively weak, as well as losing its charge rapidly even after being recharged by running the motor for a while or using a battery charger. 

Prior to investing money into a new battery, make very sure you have thoroughly inspected the existing one and have checked out any additional issues, such as a damaged alternator, because a new replacement battery might cost you a lot of money.

A Wrangler replacement battery typically costs around $250 to $300. The labor cost will be about $30 to $50, whereas the cost of the battery is $200. Taxes and other fees are not included in this range, nor are your particular model year or geographic area is taken into account.

#5- Fix Any Damaged Connections

After being dropped on the ground, the Jeep key fob might well have harmed the inner chip or connections, which would be another reason why it stopped operating or wasn’t identified. In very rare instances, it could also be a sign of a defective key fob if the device suddenly stops functioning.

In this situation, you have to fix the damaged connections. If you are expert enough in this category, you can easily fix it by yourself. But, if you don’t have enough knowledge, we suggest you not do it. Take it to an expert mechanic to solve this issue. Depending on the key and its condition, this may cost you around $50 to $100.

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#6- Use the Right Fob Key

When rushing, it might be simple to pick up the wrong key. If you use the incorrect fob key, the jeep wrangler will be unable to detect the key fob. 

Each key fob is individually configured and cannot be used with other cars. Because the jeep wrangler and other vehicles communicate with the key fob using an RFID sensor.

#7- Reset or Restore the Fob’s Key Firmware

Similar to any other keyless ignition vehicle, your Jeep might encounter software or programming troubles. A vehicle key fob frequently fails to detect due to a firmware problem.

The device won’t be able to interact with the Jeep if the programmed chip is broken or there is a problem with the keyless ignition system.

If a load stalls or even the battery dies while the key fob is in use, the firmware may be mistakenly erased, which would impede the system from detecting it.

In certain cases, resetting it will solve the issue quickly. Simply press the power button for about 3 seconds in order to reset it properly. The fob will function more efficiently since all of your private information will be removed from it.

However, in another circumstance, you will need to restore its firmware. Here is the step-by-step procedure to restore it.

  • Step 1: First, shut off the Jeep’s engine and take out the key from the ignition.
  • Step 2: Next, carefully remove the key fob’s upper cover. Now press all of its buttons at the same time and hold it pressed until you hear a beep sound three times.

This solution may help you to solve this issue. Here, if you do it by yourself, you don’t have to spend any money.

#8- Check and Repair Damaged Key Fob Components.

A key fob is made up of several small parts that function together. The key fob might not be able to be identified by your jeep if one of these small components is damaged or fused.

You need to keep a close eye out for any broken parts in this scenario. You won’t notice any broken parts until it blows up if you are not an expert at this. Because of this, you must get professional assistance to resolve this issue. Some times my keys got wet and the car won’t start.

You might have to pay about $100 for this. Sometimes, you will be required to purchase a new key fob if it is in terrible condition, which might cost you between $50 and $100.

#9- Repair Damaged Receiver Module

The key fob transmits wireless radio signals to the remote ignition transmitter-receiver in the Jeep Wrangler. In the event that none of the functions of the key fob are not working or you are unable to reconfigure the key, it’s conceivable that the receiver system has acquired a defect.

To find the problem, you might need to run further diagnostics. In these circumstances, an OBDII scanning tool may be used to check whether the device is receiving and responding to the orders. This may cost you almost $100 to $300, depending on the conditions.

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There may still be some queries in your mind after reading this article. In this section, we did our best to respond to the questions that were asked the most. Read through this FAQ to acquire the explanation you want.

Is it tough to resolve the key fob not detected an issue on a Jeep Wrangler?

No. If you know how to manage them properly, you can easily fix these problems. However, occasionally, certain problems will be out of your control, and in such cases, you should seek an expert’s help.

If my key fob dies, can I still start my jeep wrangler?

Even if the battery in your fob is dead, the Jeep still operates without any issues. You can easily start using your smartphone. But, in this situation, you have to follow some procedures. With this, you can easily unlock your car.

How long is the battery life on a Jeep Wrangler Key Fob?

The average battery life for key fobs is between three and four years when used normally, while there is no definitive answer to this topic. The battery, however, could be damaged too rapidly under some adverse circumstances.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do with the key fob?

Your key fob should never be left in your vehicle overnight because the fob makes a connection with the car’s sensor module whenever it is within range of the automobile. This might drain the batteries in the vehicle as well as drain the key fob’s battery charge.


Anyone would be frustrated if their key fob stopped working and they were stuck in traffic, especially if they didn’t have any extra batteries or weren’t in a position to buy more. There is, however, no need for concern.

You are now aware of every do-it-yourself solution for a Wrangler key fob that is not being detected. In addition to the ways mentioned above, you may wirelessly open your locked Jeep vehicle using the iOS or Android applications for those platforms.

By carefully examining various warning signs, routinely servicing your automobile, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and taking good care of it, you may also avoid unnecessary headaches and expensive repairs.

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