Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems: All Possible Causes

Grand Cherokee is a first-class SUV with awesome looks and amazing riding quality. But, jeep grand Cherokee climate control problems make everything abortive and lazy when you are driving on a long highway.

It becomes harder in hot weather when you are driving near a desert or rocky mountain. So, sometimes climate control problems( AC not working) is so common whatever models or trim level you have.

In this article, I will cover everything from the technical and non-technical parts of AC problems of jeep grand Cherokee from 2002 to 2018. So, stay calm with the internet, and I will not waste your time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems In All Models With Exact Causes

Jeep Grand Cherokee can use both manual and automatic air conditioning systems in different trim levels. But, the major working processes are almost similar. Some of them you can fix with zero technical knowledge, and others need an expert’s opinion.

Technical Problems

you need a technician or automotive expert to fix these problems if you have no ABC on the climate-controlling systems.

The Problem In Blend Door Actuator

A blend door actuator is a small plastic made motor that controls temperature and AC direction according to settings. So, if you find that your AC dashboard is ON, but nothing is coming from AC, yes, your blend door actuator is not working fine.

The Problem In Blend Door Actuator

Sometimes you can hear some extra noises from the Cherokee’s dashboard when the motor is stuck for any reason.

Cabin Filter Problem 

A cabin filter is a ventilation system that keeps airflow clean and maximizes the durability of AC. So, when this crucial part is not working as it should, your climate control system remains inactive.

Cabin Filter Problem 

As It becomes disabled to get proper wind from the vehicle, it can not exit cool air for the consumers. Sometimes, a little bit of error in the cabin filter can make other parts inactive because of low airflow.

It is always important to check the filter to keep the blend door actuator, cooling fan, and compressor active.

Cooling Fan Problem 

A cooling fan is one of the crucial elements for air recycling in your jeep grand Cherokee. Like other major parts of the climate control system, it is most important to keep balance in the cooling system.

Cooling Fan Problem 

You need an expert to fix all of the problems, as I said up because these need highly technical knowledge.

Bad Compressors 

AC compressors become ill after a long time using, especially in the vehicle industry. So, you have to be equally careful, like cabin filter and motors, to find out the exact problem in jeep AC.

Non-technical Problems 

If your AC problem is very basic and you have the usual driving experience, yes, you can solve all of the problems without an expert.

Electrical Problems 

If you see AC powers off and on automatically, there is a chance of error wiring or bad ground symptoms. Sometimes, poor batteries also play an important role in taking control of a vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Door And Sunroof Problems 

Sometimes one-touch or panoramic sunroof problem creates an extra impact on the climate control system. If your jeep’s doors and sunroof do not close correctly, you will feel something different inside of your vehicle.

If A cooling fan can not consume more air from the open space, it can not give proper output from the AC. Moreover, Cool wind goes outside as the sunroof or doors have extra space.

Loosen Bolts

A tight fit adjusted machine and a non-tight fit system are equal? No, loosen nut bolts can disconnect the whole system. If every component of air conditioning is not well established under a system, your relaxation taste will be different.

Less Compatibility 

Owners are not always vigilant when they are going to buy aftermarket an accessory. When we are talking about the climate control system, it seems like a very small component.

But, in the automotive industry, you have to be careful when you are buying quality wheel spacers or the best jeep jacks. So, when your AC is not bought according to your jeep grand Cherokee’s model or trim level, surely, you will have a little bit problem.

Water And Dust 

Running AC for a long time leaks water on the dashboard and other exits inside the vehicle. When you open the jeep’s windows or doors, the watery AC consumes all dust and changes its behavior.

It can not recycle air and exit cooler air due to dust inside the air conditioner though this problem is very common when you are using it.

Settings Problem 

When AC’s power is on, but the screen is not clear to you; definitely, your AC needs a quick reset. But AC resetting process differs from AC to AC and trim level to trim level.

Settings Problem 

Solutions For Jeep Climate Control Problems

  • If the problem is simple, find out a simple solution, and if it is tough, don’t make it more complex. I am advising that if the problem is unreadable, use the best experts you have.
  • If the problem is technical and you can not figure out from where the problem is coming, call your expert friend for his valuable opinion. If you don’t have one, try on the internet or go to a nearby garage, there are a lot of working men waiting for you.
  • Check the cooling fan, cabin filter, and compressor with your expert and if he finds any problem inside there, take essential steps. You can buy all of these components separately when experts fail to fix them.
  • When your grand Cherokee is much older with a factory air conditioner, replacing the whole system is better than replacing one component separately. Because, if it is too much older, you have to change other parts of AC someday.
  • When you are buying a new climate control system, do not forget to check compatibility. Avoid air conditioners that have fitment issues with your Grand Cherokee’s trim level or models.
  • Keep the whole air conditioner clean, including cabin filters and an electrical system. Use brush and liquid cleaner to keep everything useable, and don’t forget to fix the problem if your AC leaks water.
  • Ment door or one-touch closing problem as early as possible to have quality cool air inside your jeep. And don’t forget to check the jeep grand Cherokee’s bad ground symptoms.
  • If AC has a settings problem, fix or restart it according to your jeep or AC. I have given a resetting picture of an older jeep grand Cherokee. but, the process differs from model to model.
reset jeep grand Cherokee ac

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is jeep grand Cherokee air conditioning not cold?

My whole article is all about jeep grand Cherokee air conditioning, and I have explained your question. Check the whole air conditioning system, including the cooling fan to ground cables, and don’t forget to keep the cabin filter clean to have cold air blow.

How much does it cost to fix AC in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Every jeep AC is different according to its trim level, and their problems are not equal. So, it is tough to say an exact amount of cost for repairing a grand Cherokee AC without knowing the problem.

But, I can say it is nearly $245, including labor and parts costs from my research and common sense.  


Cherokee is a big-sized luxury SUV, and without a quality climate control system, it becomes meaningless. Solving Jeep grand Cherokee climate control problems is not much tough when it is a non-technical error.

But, whatever it is, the jeep AC problem reduces riding fun both off the road and on-road. Let me know if this article is helpful to you for fixing AC in grand Cherokee from 2005 to 2021.

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