Uconnect Bluetooth Audio Not Working? – Fix ASAP!

You might have wondered what you get for spending so much time in your car or Jeep? Yes, Uconnect will fulfill all of your desire, from controlling the vehicle to watching tv and checking fuel to using the internet.

Having Uconnect ensures more control over your vehicle, like changing the radio station, checking the oil level, checking tire pressure, turning on/off the heater, or controlling the air conditioner and windshield wipers.

Even your can easily unlock your jeep when keys are inside by using uconnect apps on your mobile.  It also offers a voice-activated navigation system that is designed to help make your driving experience safer and easier

Sometimes users get some difficulties and problems when they use multiple features in Uconnect. Maybe it’s a rainy day, and you want to hear pink Floyds or weekend best on your Uconnect.

But the problem is that you can’t make a healthy bonding with Uconnect and mobile devices. Is your Uconnect Bluetooth audio not working in the Jeep or car and keeping you far from additional fun? This article will help you understand Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems.

An overview:

Though there are a lot of causes for Uconnect Bluetooth audio issues, some are very basic, and you can fix them without even an expert.

Bluetooth is not pairing, mobile or device is not supporting Uconnect, disabled audio or low volume, bad wiring and speaker issue, resetting issue and low battery are the popular cause of Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems. Read this article step by step, and I think you can fix this Uconnect issue yourself.

Causes Of Uconnect Bluetooth Audio Problems

Bluetooth Is Not Pared Correctly 

Generally, we connect our android or IOS with Uconnect by Bluetooth or an external cable. We need a proper Bluetooth pairing to play something in our vehicle’s Uconnect. When your device’s audio is not playing, I think Bluetooth is the first cause of this problem. 

Maybe you have only opened your device’s Bluetooth without activating Uconnect’s Bluetooth, which makes the system abortive. So, to play anything in the vehicle’s Uconnect, pairing both Bluetooth is important. 

Unsupportive Devices

Sometimes some older devices don’t match with the modern Uconnect system, and different updated android version hinders vulnerable connections. Though it seems nice for car or Jeep’s anti-theft system, sometimes it reduces fun inside the vehicle. 

Some devices like phones or tab need to accept various terms and conditions to adjust with the vehicle Uconnect system. When your vehicle and device are on that list, you are really unlucky. 

Audio Disabled Or Low Volume 

It is mandatory to allow the audio system to be active to play something on the vehicle’s Uconnect. Look at UConnect’s audio settings, and if you find the audio is unticked, you will not hear any sound from the speaker. The rule is also true same if your device’s audio is disabled. 

If everything related to audio is turned on without adequate volume, you are not hear anything from the car’s speaker. 

Faulty Cables Or Speaker Problems

Like Bluetooth connection and accurate settings, the speaker is an essential component for playing audio in the vehicle. If your vehicle has bad ground symptoms (cable or wiring problems), you will find climate control problems to audio problems from the driver seat. 

When the vehicle’s speaker cables are burned or misaligned, you will hear nothing or a lot of noises. When the speaker and other cables are faulty, it doesn’t matter how good your vehicle’s audio system you have.  

Low or dead battery issue

When your phone battery is low, it won’t make pair with any additional speaker or Uconnect system. Bluetooth always fails to find nearby devices to make a solid connection if the battery is lower. Your Bluetooth scanning process will face more difficulties than usual when you want to listen week’s best. 

On the other hand, when your vehicle’s battery is close to death, it also faces difficulties in detecting devices from outside. When your Jeep, audio, video, or radio is not working, a dead battery is the prime cause of the problems. 

Common Uconnect Bluetooth audio problemscausessolutionscosts
Bluetooth pairing issueSystem or device Bluetooth is not connected.Refresh the whole Bluetooth system or use an external$0 to $10
Mobile device detecting issueUnsupportive mobile or android versionUpgrade the android version and Uconnect system$0
Cable or wiring issueFaulty cable, wiring, or bad speakersFix audio system cable or change faulty speakers$25 to $100
Disable systemThe total audio or Bluetooth system is turned off.Check the whole Bluetooth audio system and activate it$0
Battery issueLow vehicle or mobile batteryCharge your mobile or vehicle battery$0

How To Solve Bluetooth Audio Issues

  • Make sure your Uconnect Bluetooth is correctly paired between the vehicle and the external device. Make a unique user name and run a proper scanning until both of them are adjusted.
  • If your android and IOS have battery issues like power is less than 15 percent, then connect the charging plug until the battery is out of the danger zone. And never forget to take care of your vehicle battery to have fewer Uconnect and voltage regulator problems.
  • If you have a modern wrangler x or sport, BMW, or Mazda with a luxury dashboard, they can easily detect a poor external connection. So, always keep your external devices (android or IOS) updated for a perfect balance with the audio system. 
  • Go to Uconnect settings and keep the audio system active and never forget to up the volume. You should also keep your mobile volume higher for a better music and audio system. 
  • Never forget to check your vehicle from engine to headlights, tires to wirings. When your vehicle’s audio system has an issue related to speakers, change speakers or whole audio cables. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Uconnect not playing music?

There are several causes for why your music system is not working on Uconnect, which I have told you in this article. But, settings, volume, and Bluetooth pairing are the top and most popular among all of these causes. If Uconnect’s music is not playing for those causes, examine it within a deeper process. 

2. Why can’t I connect my iPhone to Uconnect?

First of all, you need to make clear the way you are connecting your iPhone with the Uconnect. Sometimes iPhone protects vulnerable connections due to safety issues in the vehicle. If your vehicle is slightly older, like XJ or TJ, iPhone may find a hindrance in connecting process. 

3. Why is Uconnect not showing up on my Bluetooth?

It depends on the vehicle you have and the Uconnect you are using. Sometime Uconnect doesn’t show Bluetooth on until it is perfectly paired with external devices.

When you keep Bluetooth or external connection disallowed from Uconnect settings, it won’t show a Bluetooth icon. The same thing will happen again when your Uconnect can’t match with the external connecting system. Scan both of the Bluetooth, and I think it will be solved automatically. 

4. What phones does Uconnect support?

From Java to IOS, most of the phones support the Uconnect system on your vehicle. If it doesn’t work by WIFI or Bluetooth, you can also use an external cable.

If you use Android phones running the operating system Marshmallow (6.0) or higher, you can easily make a stronger connection with vehicle Uconnect. 


Is the vehicle’s Uconnect Bluetooth audio not working for those reasons I have just told in this article? Then you are in a safe zone, and you can easily fix the Uconnect system easily. If these are not, you may need to buy a new Uconnect and install it on the dashboard. 

In that situation, I suggest you use an external Uconnect cable that may make your problem easier. Because installing a new Uconnect is slightly noisy as there is fitment issue and sometimes price range is not closer. 

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