Jeep Wrangler Temperature Gauge Fluctuates: What Can Be The Possible Reasons?

jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates

A temperature gauge plays an essential role in managing the engine’s temperature. But a defective temperature gauge fails to keep up with an immediate response from the engine. So, what are the possible reasons a jeep wrangler temperature gauge fluctuates? The significant reasons for temperature gauge fluctuation are a damaged thermostat, broken cylinder head gasket, …

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H7 Vs. H8: What Are The Differences Between Them?

h7 vs h8

A quality battery always plays a vital role in starting and controlling a vehicle. When a vehicle has a bad starting issue, Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems, or backup camera issues, remember that most of the time, a bad battery is responsible for those troubles. So, you need to make a wise decision before exchanging a …

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Why Do People Take the Tailgate Off Their Trucks?

Trucks come with tailgates – that’s a given fact. They are an integral part of your truck body, designed to keep your cargo safely inside the truck and in place. Tailgates – or liftgates, as they are also known as – are designed to help when you are loading or unloading your cargo, especially at …

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Freightliner vs International: For Which One Should You Go For?

Freightliner vs International

After the reconstruction of the highways in Europe and America, semi trucks have become the best transport service for carrying goods from state to state, border to border. A semi-truck mainly carries raw materials, clothes, vehicles, building materials, soft drinks, beverages, or chemicals from one place to another on time with proper safety. Many vehicle …

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Car Smells Like Propane: What Can Be the Reason?


Smelling gas from a car is really confusing and concerning when you really don’t know the exact cause. It minimizes driver attention and comfortableness when they drive on a long road. It is a basic symptom of engine issues and has an indirect relation with car fuel economy. Sometimes owners become much worried and confused …

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Mack vs Peterbilt: Who Makes the Best Trucks?


A bigger truck plays a very powerful role in carrying commercial products and fulfills consumers’ demands. Thousands of products are being carried by hundreds of trucks a day all over the United States. But, if you choose the wrong semi-truck, which expands the cost on the road more than others, your business will not be …

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Dodge Ram V10 Engine Problems: 5 Common Issues!


When you are thinking of buying a new pickup or renting a truck, there are not many options without a dodge ram. Wanna travel Montana’s muddy land, New Mexico’s hilly surface, or Miami’s sandy area with an offroad vehicle? I know Dodge will be one of some offroad vehicle options for its cool performance and …

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