Rain Sensing Wipers not Working: Here Are the Most Possible Reasons!

Rain sensing wipers in the four-wheel industry have made a clear indication that the future world is going to be controlled by different quality sensors and artificial intelligence. BMW to Audi, jeep Wrangler X to Sport, the rain-sensing wiper, is one of the most common but effective vehicle features in the modern automotive industry.

When you are in heavy rain or snow, it can automatically detect and adjust the speed of your windshield wipers. You don’t even need to touch the windshield switch or check the rain. 

People are moving toward sensing devices like windshield wipers for easy and better handling, though sometimes they can’t provide their services. Are rain-sensing wipers not working on your latest jeep or car?

Weak Wiper Motor, wrong programming, bad wipers, Poor vehicle Battery Condition, and faulty cable wiring are considered as most common causes of rain-sensing wipers problems. So stay with me to diagnose the sensing wiper problems and find out all possible solutions. 

Six Causes Of Rain-sensing Wiper Not Working On Your Vehicle

Fixing rain-sensing wiper problems in your jeep or car is not much tough as jeep climate control problems. I have discussed all the possible causes related to wiper issues in detail below. Match all the symptoms according to your vehicle models and windshield for a proper diagnosis.  

1. Wrong Programming

The windshield wiper switch is like a gear shifting stick having multiple features. Manuel windshield wiper and rain-sensing wipers both have this switch under the steering wheel.

Though it seems that rain-sensing wipers automatically have no switch, nevertheless this sensing wiper has a switch for multiple uses. If your windshield wiper is not working when it gets moisture, maybe you have kept the wiper switch in the manual position. 

2. Bad Sensor

When you are driving your car or jeep, the sensor in the windshield detects rain or fog, and the wiper blades start moving up and down to wipe off the rain.

The windshield wiper sensor detects the object between the blade and the lens and sends out a signal to turn on the motor. Then the motor drives the blade to wipe the windshield clean.

Overall, a sensor plays the most important role in keeping the wipers automatic. But sometimes, the wiper can’t detect whether it is raining due to a bad sensor. If you are using factory wipers and all the cables and switches related to the wiper are well, then I think the sensor is the culprit. 

3. Faulty Front Glass Or Windshield

The rain-sensing wiper works in a light-reflecting process via a powerful sensor, and the sensor is located inner side of the windshield under the front mirror. So, when there is a little crack on the front windshield, it creates a great impact on the light reflection process.

As a result, the sensor gets less light than usual, and it can’t send enough data to the main computer. So, it is clear that when the front mirror beside the sensor is faulty, the vehicle’s wipers won’t work properly

4. Wiper Motor Issues

if the motor doesn’t work properly in automotive devices like sunroof or windshield, you will definitely get panoramic sunroof problems or windshield issues. The windshield wiper motor in your car or jeep has two brushes that are made of metal. The brushes spin in opposite directions when electricity flows through the motor.

When you spend much time outdoor riding, rain, or snow, the windshield wiper motor becomes tired. Moreover, the windshield motor becomes rusty and creates troubleshoot when it gets a longer connection with moisture. The wiper motor problem is considered one of the major issues in the wiper industry as it will make you consume much of your money. 

5. Faulty Wiring And Burned Cables

Faulty cable wiring, simply known as bad ground symptoms, is the most popular cause of electrical device problems in your modern vehicle. When daytime running lights are not working on one side, jeep headlights are not working, and radios are not working on your jeep or car, bad wiring is the predictable cause for all of these problems.

Bad or wrong wiring may also create a great dispute on the rain-sensing wiper system. Using a wiper for a longer time in your vehicle can make the cable burn. If you find burned smell from wiper motors and cable, I am sure that the wiring is faulty. 

6. Battery And Fitment Issue

It doesn’t matter how powerful a diesel engine your vehicle has when the battery is faulty.  When your jeep key fob is not working, the vehicle battery is also considered one of the causes though the key fob doesn’t have a direct relationship with the vehicle battery.

If your vehicle battery is faulty, there is a chance that you will find an ignition problem to windshield issue. 

Sometimes we use different aftermarket accessories like headlights, wheels, and windshield wipers whenever we need them.

We use items according to our will and always forget about the perfect fitment. As rain sensing wipers don’t have a longer life, you may need to replace them. Maybe you have bought a wiper set that doesn’t fit with the vehicle model, and you are having a rain sensing wiper issue. 

How To Solve Rain-sensing Wiper Not Working Problems

  • First, remove all the water and Clean the windshield from dust and dirt; if the sensor is also dusty and clean it with tissue paper or soft clothes. 
  • Test the windshield sensor to detect if the problem is from there. When a sensor is the main cause of the problems, change it immediately, and you can buy it plenty of them from any auto retailer.
  • Check full wipers cables from the switchboard to the main system to detect any error. If you find any faulty wires or cables, replacing them is the best option. Checking cable may find out some irreverent issue in your car. 
  • When the wiper motor is not spinning, call a mechanic or take it to the garage. The motor is one of the critical parts of any electronics, and you should not touch it with an expert. When the wiper motor is faulty, fix it or swap it to have better service. 
  • Examine your car battery or charge it again, which may make your windshield wiper more productive. Is there any big issue like an ignition problem related to your vehicle battery? Take an expensive and branded battery and adjust it with your vehicle. When you try anything new on your car, never forget about fitment. 
Causes of rain sensing wiper problemsSolutionsRepairing costs
wrong programmingCheck wiper settings in the Uconnect$0
Bad sensorChange the wiper sensor$20 to $60
faulty front glass or windshieldFix the faulty glass with a skilled mechanic$100
wiper motor issuesFix the motor issue or change it$20 to $80
battery and fitment issueRecharge the vehicle battery$0
faulty wiring and burned cablesCheck all the cables and swap them with a new set$20 to $80

Relevant Questions:

1. Where is the sensor located for the rain sensing wipers?

Nowadays, different types of sensor wipers have been used, including wired and wireless, in the automotive industry.

So, wiper sensor location varies from vehicle to vehicle and wiper model to model. But, most of the time, the sensor is located beside the front view mirror on the windshield. 

2. How do you test a rain sensor on a car?

First, to make a solid test, you must find out the sensor location in your car, and I think you already know where it is. Then drop some water on the front glass where the sensor is located. You can spray water drops with any spraying tools to identify how little moisture it can detect. 

3. How long do rain sensors last?

I think I should not answer it directly as there are different rain-sensing wipers available on the market. Generally, rain sensing wiper lasts long for 3 to 5 years in your car. If you take care of it regularly, it also can have a longer life than five years. 

4. How much does a rain sensor cost?

A rain sensor is not a fixed-priced product as there are different types of rain sensors for a different vehicles.

If you buy an Emiauto sensor for your car or jeep, that will cost $60, whereas Amzparts Air Humidity senor’s price is $50. from high quality to low quality, you will get rain sensing wipers on average $30 to $80.

5. What year were rain sensing wipers introduced?

Nowadays, multiple features have been included in sensor-based auto wipers. You can easily find various wipers in different price ranges from any retailer.

But, the first rain sensing wipers were not that easy and featureful. The first rain sensing wiper was introduced by Australian, named Raymond J. Noack in 1978


A rain-sensing windshield wiper system may seem like a futuristic feature, but it’s actually working these days, and drivers are happy with this feature.

Are rain sensing wipers not working for the causes I have said above? If the answer is yes, you already know what to do with your windshield in the next part.  

So, don’t keep sitting with the vehicle’s faulty windshield wiper, as the windshield wiper is a major component for better visibility and safety.

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