Rocky Ridge Truck Problems: 6 Issues You Should Care About

A truck can make your outdoor journey more meaningful when you are planning to take some recreational items like tents, kayaks, or canoes in your vehicle. It offers almost the same cornering, towing, and steering capabilities on the driver seat in any terrain.

Rocky ridge is one of the vehicles in the truck industry to fulfill all of your off and on-road desire. The vehicle industry is getting updated day by day, and the rocky ridge is obliged to make a perfect balance with other vehicles from interior to exterior sides.

As a result, Silverado, Ford, and Ranger are running in American jungles with pride and confidence.

Though rocky ridge is a dream truck for offroad travelers, some of the owners have detected a few negative issues about this truck. In this article, you will find some rocky ridge truck problems that few owners and drivers have experienced.

Main Summary

Though Rocky ridge is a beautiful and productive vehicle, TIPM problems and tailgate locking issues are very common in various trucks. Sometimes you might face some leaking and Uconnect issues when your truck gets a little bit older. 

In some rocky ridge truck models, smaller tires make large space between wheels and fender flares that reduce the vehicle’s beauty. Moreover, the price and maintenance cost much high, and I think some truck lovers can’t afford it.

Rocky Ridge Truck Problems

1. TIPM Problems

Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) is a major component in your rocky ridge truck to control each electrical device in the vehicle. When you open the hood of your truck, you’ll easily notice a box which is called TIPM. the working process of TIPM is slightly closer to the voltage regulator, though there are many differences between the two components.

What is the problem with TIPM when everything seems satisfying? The TIPM box is not closed tightly from the factory; as a result, it gets dust or moisture easily. when the truck’s rain-sensing wiper is not working properly, or DRL is having a problem on one side, TIPM is a reasonable cause of the problem. Though TIPM gets moisture or dusty easily, as an owner, you can also take some reasonable steps.

2. Comparatively Smaller Tire Size

There are different varieties or trim levels in rocky ridge trucks, and the factory ensures suitable tires according to the model. from design to engine upgrade, Rocky ridge’s engineers and designers always do deep research when they take any step about their truck. 

But, I personally think rocky ridge’s tires are slightly smaller, and they fail to give an aggressive look to the vehicle. 35 or 37 sizes tires reduce the extra distance between wheels and fender flare that may give an astounding look to your truck. Although it’s my personal opinion and trim levels also matter in this process, you can try it to give your truck more aggressive looks.

3. Tailgate Problems

The tailgate is an important feature for any off-roading vehicle like a Jeep, truck, or van. Buying or making a tailgate table for tailgate can add more fun and features when you are planning camping. 

But, many owners have expressed negative feedback for their rocky ridge’s truck tailgate. the metal part of the tailgate lock becomes rusty after 2-3 years if your vehicle gets wet in the rain regularly. 

As a result, it won’t lock properly and after a few miles riding it will open automatically. If you take more stuff on the bed of rocky ridge and the vehicle is slightly older, you may have some difficulties locking the tailgate.

4. Uconnect Issues

Rocky ridges included several features, from a better navigation system to a wi-fi connecting feature in the large Uconnect. But the owner who doesn’t know using Uconnect in a proper way faces some difficulties. 

UConnect Bluetooth audio problems and touch screen problems are most common for those users. Only aged owners are not responsible for the Uconnect issue if you are irresponsible in taking care of any electrical devices.

Rocky ridges have wide varieties in the truck industry, and ram is the one and the most popular. Though it’s the most popular pickup truck, it’s a precaution that ram faces some Uconnect problems.

5. Leaking Issue

You should not be afraid to think about the leaking issue as it’s a rare problem in the rocky ridge industry. But, it’s true that sunroof leaking, door leaking, oil, and coolant leaking are very common in the automotive industry if the vehicle is slightly older. 

It also happens when a truck has a deep engine issue and runs miles after miles restlessly. As a rocky rides truck owner, you might face any leaking problems if you don’t take care of your truck regularly. Otherwise, leaking is not a concerning matter for a new rocky ridge owner.

6. Price And Maintenance Cost

Rocky ridges have produced many trucks in different trim levels from the beginning of the journey. If you are a big fan of these trucks, sometimes the manufacturer may fail to provide it for its consumers as this vehicle is not cheap like jeep patriots

When you want to keep a new Chevrolet in your home garage, you may count more than $44000. If you want to buy a 2022 ram

1500 model, you need more than $33000 that is almost closer to a jeep wrangler x or sport price. Though rocky rides fulfil all of your desire, sometimes buying this toy seems like a dream for its high price.

Regular maintenance is the first and most important step to keeping your vehicle fit. Most of the ingredients of the rocky ridges truck are from quality and pricy materials. As a result, the cost of maintenance and aftermarket accessories becomes slightly high for a truck owner. If you want to add legal spikes on truck wheels, you may need to spend more than $60 without mechanic costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns Rocky Ridge trucks?

Kinderhook Industries is well known as a manufacturer of rocky ridge lifted trucks. They started almost 30 years before and are still popular for their luxury offroad items. It has been producing Chevrolet, Silverado and ford with pride in the heart of Georgia.

2. What is a k2 Rocky Ridge?

K2 is considered a special edition of rocky ridges productions. K2 has been produced in different colors, and blue K2 is the most popular of all of them with three years or 36000 miles warranty. From looks to features, rocky ridge k2 is the finest offroad vehicle in the truck industry. 6 inches suspension, 22 inches rims, 35 or 37-sized tires, and power-coated exhaust tips are the powerful but average features compared with others. But, the blue caliper cover, blue tow hooks, blue leather seating and blue bow tie made it well distinguished.

3. What size lift is on a rocky ridge use?

Usually, rocky ridge uses 6 inches lift kit in most of their creatures though only lift kits are not responsible for lifting a vehicle. Rims and tires also play a powerful role in a vehicle’s ground clearances. So, as an all-terrain vehicle, you have total access to lifting your truck with adjustable suspension and wheels. Whenever you want to minimize factory ground clearance, you can also make it like lowering a jeep.

4. How much is a rocky ridge raptor?

Rocky ridge raptor is an expensive and high-performing vehicle in the truck industry I have ever seen. At first sight, anyone will notice its bumper with perfect color combination and matte finished exterior. I think other features and the driving experience are much better than rocky ridge’s older trim levels. So, if you want to have a new rocky ridge raptor, you need to count more than $7200.


If you are a true truck lover, you can’t skip rocky ridge, whatever issue It has. However, few owners who are extra cautious and want to use a vehicle for a lifetime complain about rocky ridge truck problems. 

Yeah, you should always check everything from warranty papers to exhaust pipe before buying a new truck. But, in the matter of rocky ridge, you need not emphasize some futuristic problems like rain sensing wipers complication or CB antenna issue, as it is a leading truck manufacturer company in the USA.

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