What Is the Stock Offset of a Jeep JL? [Explained in Detail]

The stock offset of a Jeep JL is somewhere around 42.5 to 46.5 mm. Because recent Jeep Wrangler models come with 16-20 inches tires, the offset range allows a Jeep vehicle to run precisely both on-road and off-road. 

Focusing on the wheel offset is necessary when you intend to change your Jeep wheels. The primary stock offset for Jeep is basically +42.5. Yet, you have the scope to use tires with different offsets and backspacing for custom vehicle performance. 

But for that, you should know about the Jeep stock offset setup properly, which we’re discussing below. 

What is Wheel Offset?

Wheel offset is the distance between the wheel’s hub mounting surface and the wheel body centerline. The measurement, offset, determines the position of the wheel after mounting in the vehicle. 

The wheel can be either tucked in, out, or stay parallel with the hub line, depending on the offset. 

Terms like wheel offset and backspacing are essential to understand if you plan to customize your own Jeep JL. 

As wheel positions change when you try a different offset range in your car, the driving experience will change too. 

So, you can consider wheel offset as a determinant of how your car would perform. 

What Is the Stock Offset of a Jeep JL?

The stock offset of a Jeep JL is +42.5 mm in most yearly models. Yet, there are a few models with a lower positive offset, like the Wrangler IV (JL) with L285 tires, with a 35.2 offset. 

Apart from them, the stock offset range always stays equal to or over 42.5 mm on a positive scale. 

Such a stock offset range means Jeep is trying to ensure the braking and other related components stay well tucked inside the rims when freshly manufactured from the factory. 

The 42.5-46.6 trim level sounds pretty fair for on-road vehicles that don’t go over off-road platforms. 

As we all know, the Jeep company allows enthusiasts to modify their cars accordingly. 

One can easily turn a Wrangler JL model into an off-road beast by lowering the offset range given by the factory. 

Can My Jeep JL Have a Custom Offset?

Obviously, you can replace the stock Jeep JL tires with your desired wheelset for a better driving experience, according to your choice. But for that, you must calculate the perfect custom offset range. 

In most cases, you can increase or decrease the offset by 5 mm or more than the recommended range by changing the stock wheels. 

The recommended range is obviously given in the manual book given with the car. 

Yet, you must ensure the wheel wells in your car are perfectly ready to have the custom wheels with different offset. 

If the wells don’t seem spacey enough, you might need to lift the vehicle or customize many other components near the wheel well. 

Remember that you can even use larger negative offset wheels in your Wrangler. 

Even if they are twice the size of the previous stock wheels, you can use them by installing the right leveling kit to lift the vehicle. 

Ultimately, customizing Jeep JL wheels for off-road driving (decreasing the offset and backspacing) sounds fair anyways.

How to Calculate Jeep JL Wheel Offset?

Suppose, you don’t have your vehicle manual nearby and you can’t figure out what’s the stock offset of your Jeep JL. In that case, we’ve the perfect solution for you. 

Here’s a step by step guide to help you calculate your wheels’ offset within a couple of minutes. 

Step 1: Bring out the wheel

First, you need to take off a wheel from the front or back of your car. Then lay the wheel down on the floor so that the wheel’s bottom edge stays at top. 

Step 2: Measure the bottom from the floor

Now, take a straight bar and place it over the bottom edge so that it stays parallel to the ground. 

Then, bring a measuring tape and know the distance of the bar from the ground. Let’s assume it’s x. 

Step 3: Measure the bottom from the mounting hub

Similarly, know the distance of the bar from the hub mounting surface. You can point it as y. 

Step 4: Calculate and know

After that, it’s time to calculate. Convert the taken values into millimeters. At this point, use this formula, Offset = (x/2) – y.

The result would be the wheel’s accurate offset, which can be either positive, negative, or zero.

Do All Jeeps Wranglers Have the Same Offset Range?

Actually, each model or variant has its own stock offset range. But sometimes, interchangeability between two different Wrangler wheels can be possible if

  • Bolt patterns match
  • Bore sizes match
  • Release years are the same or nearby

So, you can’t say that you’d always find a similar offset range in two different and random Jeep models. 

Sometimes, there can be exceptions if you compare a regular jeep variant with a special edition model. 

The stock offset ranges of those two vehicles might differ from one another, and the wheels can’t be interchangeable between them.

Difference Between Offset and Backspacing of a Jeep JL

Offset and backspacing are completely correlated. Both of these terms tell us how much exposed the wheels would be in a car. 

Offset is the distance between the wheel center line and the hub mounting surface. Whereas backspacing is the distance between the hub mounting surface and wheel’s bottom edge. 

Both the offset and backspace determine the position of wheels in the wheel wells; a positive or higher offset and backspacing keep the wheels near the suspension kits and brake pads. 

In contrast, negative or lower offset and backspacing indicate that the wheels would maintain a fair distance from the nearby components. 


While understanding the offset ranges, many questions might appear in your mind that should be answered. So, let’s answer some common questions regarding Jeep JL stock offset.

What size are the stock Jeep JL rims?

Usually, stock Jeep JL and JK rims are 17 inches or less. If you see any Jeep Wrangler with larger rims, then be sure that it’s been modified by the user.

Is a stock rim offset the best option?

Driving the car with stock wheels or anything similar with the factory-recommended offset is not bad at all. For driving on rough and muddy terrain, the stock offset range is way more than you require. (fisheries.org)

Can I consider backspacing instead of offset?

Obviously, you can. As both terms refer to the same subject, you can consider any of the two when finding the best OEM wheels. There’s no need to calculate both at the same time.

Final Words

Whether you customize your Jeep Wrangler JL or not, you should at least know the stock offset range. It might help you replace the old, damaged wheels with the right ones without making any blunders. 

No matter how simple we think offset is, you can never drive your Jeep with wheels featuring incompatible offsets. 

Such a blunder can even cause permanent damage to the car. Thus, you better make sure you’re well aware of the right offset and backspacing range for your own Jeep.

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