Freightliner vs International: For Which One Should You Go For?

After the reconstruction of the highways in Europe and America, semi trucks have become the best transport service for carrying goods from state to state, border to border.

A semi-truck mainly carries raw materials, clothes, vehicles, building materials, soft drinks, beverages, or chemicals from one place to another on time with proper safety.

Many vehicle entrepreneurs are also buying these types of vehicles to make money and help people.

Freightliner and international are two common targeted semi trucks for vehicle entrepreneurs. Though two trucks are being used for the same purposes, there are some significant differences from the engine to features between the two trucks. 

So, which truck are you going to use for carrying your goods or buying? You can understand this when you know all the facts about Freightliner vs. International.

Main Summary

The purpose of the article is to make truckers educated about Freightliner and international truck corporations. One’s history, engine, transmission, features, driving taste, living comfort, price, and warranty are quite different than another. There are some similarities between them, and I have also included them in my article.

Freightliner vs International


The International truck company introduced itself as an auto manufacturer to the world in 1908, though its name was an international harvester from the beginning.

In 1986, the company turned into Navistar international corporation and became a leading business truck manufacturer in the truck industry. Now the Navistar international company is the owner of international trucks, diesel engines, and Navistar defense subsidiary.

On the other hand, the Freightliner truck’s journey began in 1929 as a semi-truck manufacturer, and it turned into a Freightliner corporation in 1942.

Business truck needs to be more fuel economical, and Freightliner is constantly trying to make their vehicle fuel economy better from its journey in the semi-truck industry.

Engine And Transmission 

Freightliner uses a Detroit dd15 engine in most of the vehicles with both manual and automatic transmission. Manufacturer company has a made a special transmission named d12 Detroit for their trucks that an owner can use both auto and manual transmission as his wish.

Another side, international uses another powerful engine named Cummins x15 engine in their trucks though A26 has been used in some of their trucks. Its transmission is almost opposite of the Freightliner, and it is called Eaton endurant with automated manual transmission.

Trucks like Freightliner and international are not made to race, so they don’t emphasize instant acceleration. Both trucks get 400 horsepower with 1750 torque from their engine for soothing riding.

Distinguished Features 

Freightliner trucks are quite different for their many but crucial features than international. It included various powerful features like a collision mitigation system, side-facing radar, forward-facing camera, electronic stability control system, air disc brakes, smart drive camera system, Detroit assurance, and traffic line display in their trucks.

International always tries to upgrade their braking system, and if your truck misses its usual lane, it has added highway departure braking, with Cms multi-lane emergency braking for safety and better control.

Driving Comforts

Freightliner’s front seats are comparatively lower than international seats, and most Freightliner’s drivers are satisfied with its lowered seats. Freightliner also uses various cameras In different positions; as a result, drivers get more visibility from their seats.

International’s seats are comparatively higher, and it doesn’t have a lot of driving cameras like Freightliner. I think Freightliner is much better than international if you want to monitor a vehicle’s front and rear side from the driver’s seats.

Living Comfort 

These trucks run a long route with different conditions, so most of the time, drivers need to take a rest in their vehicles. Freightliner has input 72-inch sleeper, and international has given a 73-inch sleeper in their trucks. 

Both corporations have provided 1800 watt power inverter, battery power HVAC system, and a refrigerator, which is common in both trucks.

Freightliners have also input some living-friendly features like a workstation table, upgraded leather set, chrome accents, and painted bumper, which are missing in older international’s trucks. Moreover, if you want to use legal wheel spikes in trucks, you can easily add in both of the trucks.

Price And Warranty

These vehicles are made for long driving with different interiors and engine features, so the prices are regularly higher compared to others trucks. If you want to buy a brand new Freightliner truck with two fuel tanks and a Detroit engine, you need to spend more than $160,000.

You will get five years or 500000-mile engine warranty and three years or 350 000 miles comprehensive warranty from any dealer when you own a Freightliner.

International’s truck price is almost similar to Freightliner though it also matters on trim levels. If you need a 2022 LT series international truck for business, keep at least $155,000 in your pocket. This price range might rise high and reach almost closer to $230,000 when you want to have a better version.

Though international’s trucks’ prices are much high, you will also have fantastic warranty services like five years or 500000-mile engine warranty, and four years or 400000-mile comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer.

Main DifferencesFreightlinerInternational
HistoryFreightliner corporation started its journey in 1942Started by Navistar international corporation in 1908
EngineDetroit dd15 engineCummins x15 or A26 engine
transmissiond12 Detroit. Both automatic and manualEaton endurant with automated manual transmission
Main featureselectronic stability control system, air disc brakes, smart drive camera system, Detroit assurance, and traffic line displayhighway departure braking, with CMs multi-lane emergency braking
Sitting positionsComfortable and lower compared to InternationalHigher compared to freightliner
Features for living72-inch sleeper, refrigerator, battery power HVAC system, workstation table, upgraded leather set, chrome accents73-inch sleeper, refrigerator, battery power HVAC system
PriceAround $160,000Around $155,000 to $230,000
Warranty500000-mile engine warranty and three years or 350 000 miles comprehensive warranty500000-mile engine warranty, and four years or 400000-mile comprehensive warranty


You can’t find all the differences between two trucks on the internet until you visit them physically. In this article, I have listed some major differences like engine, key features, driving taste, price, and warranty between Freightliner vs. international to make the process easier.

I think international is a cool truck for a longer warranty with the same price compared to Freightliner. And Freightliner is more comfortable for its setting positions and various driving cameras with a lot of newer functions.

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