Mack vs Peterbilt: Who Makes the Best Trucks?

A bigger truck plays a very powerful role in carrying commercial products and fulfills consumers’ demands. Thousands of products are being carried by hundreds of trucks a day all over the United States.

But, if you choose the wrong semi-truck, which expands the cost on the road more than others, your business will not be profitable. And sometimes, consumers need to buy their products at high prices if the trucking cost inflates.  

Mack and Peterbilt are the most popular business class trucks all over the US and Canada. Though both trucks look the same and are being used for the same purpose, there are some differences between Mack vs. Peterbilt. This article might make you comfortable as I have discussed well both trucks from their history to engine. 

Main summery

The logo is not the only difference between Mack and Peterbilt trucks. Manufacturer history, engine, engineering process, key features, and leisure room make a bigger distinction between both trucks. 

The contradiction doesn’t end here as there are also some differences in their price range and warranty. All have been elucidated in this article for choosing the best trucks or gathering knowledge. 

Mack vs Peterbilt


Mack truck company is a popular and quality heavy-duty truck manufacturer which was made by the Mack brothers in 1900. Mack brothers were trolly bus and regular bus creators in the beginning. Primarily, They selected their brand name as “Manhattan” in 1904, and then it turned into Mack corporation after working in a continuous process. the whole company was restructured in 2008 as their new business and marketing policy in truck manufacturing.

Peterman was a lumberman in Tacoma who is considered the creator of the Peterbilt truck corporation. The company was formed in 1939 and created its first vehicle as a 260 model. Though Peterbilt is an individual truck manufacturer, it has a direct relation with Paccar engine in their manufacturing process.


Mack used a 6-cylinder gasoline engine in their primary vehicles in 1916 though it also tried Cummins, Chrysler, Detroit Diesel, Hercules, and Scania engines in their following trucks. After practicing different machines, Mack corporation is using an MP8 or MP7 engine with 415 hp and 1460-1860 LB.-FT torque in their latest trucks.

As I said before, Peterbilt has a direct relationship with Paccar, so the company tried Paccar engines in most of their trucks. Peterbilt used PACCAR MX-13, PACCAR MX-11, and Cummins X15, with 400 hp at different times. 

Still, these trucks are being made from a Paccar engine with Eaton manual and automatic transmission. It also offers a Paccar powertrain system to maximize fuel mileage which is very business-friendly for truck owners.


Every vehicle manufacturer competes with others and tries to input what is missing in their manufacturing so that most of the basic functions are almost equal in different business class trucks. 

Mack added Breakaway Mirrors, which can rotate in an automatic way if something hits on them, and I think this is the most distinguishing feature in modern trucks.

Moreover, its led lights are 60 percent better; seats are more expensive with additional storage for cup and bottle holding, and windows have a power lock and mirror control system. 

The latest Peterbilt trucks have a 15-inch display with a lot of functionality which is considered the biggest in the business truck industry. Peterbilt dash display shows most of the topics related to driving, from fuel mileage to traction control like a jeep. Moreover, Peterbilt used a lane-keeping assist for a safe journey with a unique hood and bumper for aerodynamic performance.

I have just added some major differences between the two trucks, though an owner can add a lot of accessories like legal truck wheel spikes, wheel spacers, or a better stereo system in both trucks.

Relaxation features

A heavy-duty truck needs to run miles after miles, like Chicago to California or New York to Florida. So, constant driving is almost impossible for vehicle and driver safety in the heavy-duty truck industry, so each truck manufacturer is trying to make a better living zone in the truck from the beginning. 

In Mack trucks, ceiling height is almost 7’1″ so that drivers can easily stand up and walk right through to the sleeper. Moreover, there are also interior lighting, high-performing HVAC, and Stainless steel refrigerator in the sleeping room with a high-quality mattress. 

Peterbilt offers 70 cubic storage and 8 feet of headroom with a refrigerator with a quality HVAC system for driver’s relaxation.

I find Peterbilt’s sleeping room is more attractive and professional compared to Mack trucks. Here you can get most of the sleeping facilities from the touch control system. 

Price and warranty 

Mack corporation has produced different trucks in different trim levels, and Pinnacle, Anthem, and Granite are customers’ primary choices. So, if you want to buy a brand new Mack truck for 2022, you should have $12000 to $220000 in your savings.

Mack truck manufacturer offers 24 months or 250 000 miles warranty for most of the crucial parts like engine, chassis, towing, and clutches of the trucks.

On the other hand, Peterbilt 579 is the latest truck model of Peterbilt truck manufacturer. Wanna buy a new Peterbilt 579 for better business? Its asking price is $160,000 from any Peterbilt dealer though the cost will be a little up if you want to extend the warranty. Peterbilt gives two years or 250,000 miles service warranty for most of their vehicles, including the “579” model.

  DifferencesMack trucksPeterbilt trucks
HistoryBuilt by the Mack brothers in 1900Built by peterman in 1939
First VehicleTrolly bus260 model
EngineMP8 or MP7 enginePACCAR MX-13, PACCAR MX-11, Cummins X15,
  Horsepower415 hp400 hp
TransmissionManuel and automatic transmissionEaton manual and automatic transmission
Key featuresBreakaway Mirrors, brighter led lights, expensive seats, additional storage, windows power lock and mirror control system.15-inch display with a lot of functionality, lane keeping assist hood and bumper for aerodynamic performance.
Relaxation features7’1″ ceiling height, Big sleeper with quality matters, interior lighting, high-performing HVAC, stainless steel70 cubic storage, 8 feet headroom, refrigerator, HVAC system, touch control sleeping system
Price$12000 to $220000$160, 000
Warranty24 months or 250 000 milesTwo years or 250 000 miles

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do truckers love Peterbilt?

As I said in my article, Peterbilt has been trying different engines like Paccar and Cummins from the beginning of their journey. As a result, it knows the best way to improve the truck’s engine and boost fuel mileage. So, most truckers find Peterbilt attractive for its engine and fuel economy performance.

2. What is the most luxurious semi-truck?

There are various luxurious semi-trucks available these days in the truck industry. among all, I personally prefer Mack super liner for its engine and lucrative features. If you are interested in a super liner, it might cost $350,000 with an extended warranty. Moreover, Freightliner and international have created some luxurious semi-trucks in different trim levels, which you might also consider.

3. How long does Peterbilt last?

It depends on the way you are using it or the way you take care of your truck. But, if your driver drives your Peterbilt carefully and continues regular maintenance, it should last more than750000 miles or 15 years.


Peterbilt and Mack both can serve your truck drivers in a different way and increase your business opportunity. When you want to add a trusted semi-truck to your transport business,

you should not hesitate between Mack vs Peterbilt as both of them are running border to border with safety and proper customer support from the manufacturer.

Still, do you want to hear something exact between Peterbilt and Mack? Most truckers think Peterbilt engines are better and more fuel-friendly than Mack.

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