Why Are Jeep Window Switches In The Middle? [Explained]

Jeep owners often have some questions regarding their impressive off-road vehicles. Sounds like you? Have you ever wondered why the Jeep window switches in the middle of the dashboard?  There are a few valid reasons behind window switches’ placement. As you know, the windows of the Jeep Wrangler are removable. So, having the switches in …

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Air Leveling Valve Problems and Solutions!

Air Leveling Valve Problems

An air leveling valve is a crucial part of a car. It works as a connector between the car’s frame and suspension. The real problem starts once its performance decreases to a significant level. So, what are the reasons behind air leveling valve problems? Broken lines, airbag leakages, bad driving habits, and valve leakage are …

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Ripp Supercharger Problems: Give it a thought!

Are you planning to add extra horsepower to your Jeep Wrangler engine?  Yes? Then you might be wondering about buying a supercharger. Ripp supercharger? Before that, you should know the possible problems that might bother you if you own them. Ripp supercharger problems are nothing surprising. People on different online platforms share what they face …

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5 Bad Kingpin Symptoms: Easy Ways To Identify

bad kingpin symptom

A kingpin is a crucial part of any trailer-supporting vehicle, especially a tractor. It helps a driver to carry loads easily using the trailer. However, it’s tough to use the trailer with a damaged kingpin. Driving with a damaged kingpin can result in a severe accident. Do you want to know about the bad kingpin …

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Jeep 3.8 Engine Problems: All Possible Causes

jeep 3.8 engine problems

A Jeep with a 3.8 engine is people’s choice vehicle for various reasons. Its outstanding performance in diverse conditions has made it a reliable car. However, the engine can’t perform up to the mar due to multiple reasons indicating critical engine problems. Do you know about the Jeep 3.8 engine problems? You can face problems …

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Paccar Vs Cummins: Which One Is The Best Engine?


Truck and Semi truck engines have evolved and come a long way. Among many engine manufacturers, Paccar and Cummins stand out as two of the most renowned brands. Both of these brands make world-class engines and have business around the world. Cummins engines are usually well accepted among people as the better engine. Paccar has …

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Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off: What To Do

Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off

Seat heaters are like a blessing, especially in winter. A heated seat provides ideal comfort and luxury to the vehicle’s driver and passenger. But, sometimes, it turns on and off, causing optimum consumer discomfort, especially in trucks like Peterbilt 378 and 379. So, why does the heated seat turn on and off? What’re the solutions …

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